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   Dec 25

Your Questions About Gardening

Thomas asks…

Best colors for my Secret Garden room?

I’m moving and finally getting to decorate my own room. I really love enchanted forest/secret garden/alice in wonderland themes and wanted to have a dark room with tons of fake plants, gnomes, and curtains.

However, I can’t decide what colors to use on the walls and ceiling. I like to keep my room dark so a hunter green, ocean blue, deep red or plum would be ideal, but I’m not sure what would be best for my theme if I’m going to paint the ceiling dark blue for a night sky.

If you have any other suggestions besides the color that would be awesome! Thank you!
Also, I’m 20 and want to keep it as adult as it can be when putting gnomes and fake flowers everywhere.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Funny how my room I want to make is almost exactly like your idea. :P
I also wanted to make my room a dark color for the walls, but you gotta consider that it creates the illusion of your room A LOT smaller. Try going to a local home depot/lowes and find a color you like; also ask for tips from them as well. However, colors always appear darker on the walls than intentionally wanted so keep that in mind too.

You can put stencil drawings of a tree and put fairy lights around your room. For the ceiling you can put glow in the dark stars/etc. I also suggest searching around for decorations for your room; they have a lot of neat stuff on there too.
For your bed you can get a canopy bed, it gives it that more..secret feel you can say?
Around the dressers you can put fake vines around and flowers.

This is more of a creative approach and heck, if you want gnomes and fake flowers in your room? Have it.

You can put artifical grass on your floor or even a carpet. However if you want a more adult approach, dark wood dressers and wood flooring would work too. A nice green on the walls too would seem nice, neutral nature colors would be good.

Anyways! That’s all I can think of at the moment; good luck with your room! :)

Lizzie asks…

I need gift ideas for a lot of people! no idea what to get them!?

alright for christmas this year, i need to buy presents for a lot of people. i don’t have a lot of money, so i was going to try to make some presents, but i’m not terribly good at crafts or making things. so any suggestions on what to buy, or something thats easy to make would be appreciated. sorry this is really long. here’s the people i need to buy for:
my mom: she likes games, mostly video games, she is always cleaning, and always wants the house to be in order. she doesn’t really wear jewelry, and i would never buy her clothes, because she’s very picky about that. i got her candles last year so i wouldn’t want to do that again. she also loves christmas ornaments.

my dad: he’s really hard to buy for. he doesn’t really ever tell us what he wants, and the few things he does want are mostly for his job, which is plumbing, or other really practical things. he likes music, cd’s mostly, although he has me burn him cd’s off of my music from itunes.

my little sis: she’s ten and really odd. she absolutely loves gnomes. she has a collection of them. she also likes rubber ducks and erasers. and fedora hats. she is attached to her nintendo ds. but she also likes what most 10 year olds like, as long as its not make up or clothes.

my cousins: i was only planning on buying for the 2 younger ones: one is 3 the other will only be a month old. both are girls. i probably will be able to tag along on whatever my parents get the 1 month old. but for the 3 year old i have no idea. she already has a bunch of dolls and stuffed animals so i don’t really want to get her that. last year, i sewed her a pillow and made one of those tie blanket things.

my grandmas: one i was going to paint a plate and have it fired so she can eat off of it. the other, no idea. i did one of those scratch pictures last year and put it in a frame.

my friends: usually i get them all the same thing. last year i did a little bucket filled with a bunch of stuff, candy, nail polish, a little christmas ornament. i would be willing to get them all something different though, as long as it’s not that expensive, as there are about 4-5 of them that i have to get something for

my boyfriend: i don’t think we’re going to exchange gifts, but if we do, i want something that’s inexpensive, and not stupid. i have no idea what. he’s pretty practical, though he doesn’t like clothes or anything like that.

thanks for all the help. i appreciate it. this was really long

GardenersCardiff answers:

For mom – maybe get her a board game! Or Scene It!! Http:// they have lots of great versions of this game and the whole family can play! Or maybe go to Sephora or Ulta (makeup/beauty stores, google them) and buy things she might like such as an array of nail polishes in her fave color, maybe some different kinds of mascara or different palettes of eyeshadow, etc. Or just a gift card for a dinner for two at her fave restaurant or gift card to her fave store! OH or maybe get her some nice smelling lotions or a nice perfume!! Or a home-made ornament!
For dad – yes, dads are very hard to buy for! Maybe go to a candy shop or chocolatier and get him something from there?? Where i live, we have a place called The Chocolate Bar, and i get him a snowman or santa claus shaped chocolate. My dad loves chocolate so he appreciates that! Maybe burn him a CD with all his fave songs or get a nice cologne. Maybe make him a cake or something delicious and in holiday spirit. Maybe get him a tie?? Haha. Make him a collage or scrapbook with pics of u and him!!
For ur sis – get her a ds game!! A game most ten yr olds like, such as Pet Hotel, Cake Mania, or Cooking Mama. Cake Mania was my FAVE game when i was young!! Maybe get her a “Paint by Numbers” kit or an arts and crafts kit. If she likes rubber ducks, then get her a collectable duck. (see sources, celebriducks) maybe get a large bucket and decorate it with duck pictures and stickers, then buy some small, cheap rubber ducks, fill it up to the brim and wrap in it saran wrap. Or maybe get her some awesome collectable erasers like Gomu (u can get these at toys r us)
do kids still like Webkinz?? Http://
maybe go to Justice (was once called Limited Too) and get her a pillow or a diary. Justice is a clothes store, but they also sell cute stuff such as room decor, pajamas and slippers, blankets, pillows, plush chairs, etc.
Gnomes…? How interesting.. How about amazon or ebay?? Or ur local gardening shop, maybe Lowes or Home Depot in the garden section. Also, maybe “Gnomeo and Juliet” would be a good movie to buy her. Its Romeo and Juliet, but with a spin. Maybe get her a good book!
For ur cousins – little kids are VERY easy to shop for, u dont even need my advice for this one. Just go to Target and pick up a pajama set or a plush chair or something. Something for their room or maybe arts and crafts, like a paint set or a crayon set. Something disney related perhaps? Maybe a dvd of their fave show or a movie? Just go to Toys R Us or Target and find something they would like. Maybe get an interactive book like this one? Http://
for grandma: i strongly suggest u go to Bath and Body Works and get some scented lotion or hand soap. My gma loves that! Http://
maybe get them a bath bomb? Http://
u can get bath bombs at any spa.
Nail polish? Cosmetics? Paint a picture or salad bowl?
For friends – do the same thing u did last yr, get a small bucket and fill it with goodies, candies, mini hand sanitizers (like the ones at bath and body works), samples of perfumes, nail polish, etc. Write them a special note about how much they mean to u!!!! Maybe plan a girls day out for all of u together.
For ur bf – maybe a little teddy bear?? Haha ive already given u soo much advice, plan this one urself!! Make sure it comes from the heart

Robert asks…

are there any cheat codes 4 Bully?

i need them baddly

GardenersCardiff answers:

Unlockable: Costumes

Black Ninja Outfit: Complete your yearbook.
Black Skate Shoes: Run 50.00km on foot
BMX Champion: Finish bike races.
Boxing Outfit: Win ‘Boxing Challenge’ or ‘Prep Challenge’ in Chapter 2.
Crash Helmet: Win the Kart Race at the Carnival
Dunce Hat: Turn on all the showers in boys locker room.
Edna Mask: Break 19/19 Tombstones during Halloween
Fast Food: Finish the Burger Joint errand found in Bullworth Vale.
Firefighter’s Helmet: Pull the Fire Alarm 20 times
Gnome Costume: Break all garden gnomes.
Gold Suit: Buy all clothes.
Green Ninja Outfit: Make 1000 projectiles hits.
Grotto Master: Get all G&G cards.
Jimmy’s Skeleton Halloween costume: Successfully complete the “The Candidate” mission to unlock the “Halloween” mission.
Orderly uniform: Successfully complete “Finding Johnny Vincent” in Chapter 5.
Pirate hat: Beat up the pirate on the island near the beach house.
Prison uniform: Successfully complete all the detention mini-games.
Pumpkinhead mask: Destroy all 27 pumpkins around the school and inside the main building during the “Halloween” event.
Red ninja costume: Successfully complete the Big Prank task during Halloween at Bullworth Academy. School mascot costume: Successfully complete “Nice Outfit” in Chapter 4.
Tiny swimsuit: Find the preppie with a blue mission on the beach at the beach house and beat his swimming time.
Wrestling uniform: Successfully complete Gym 1.

Unlockable: Beatrice
Finish ‘That Bitch’ in Chapter One.
Submitted by clampitt
Hint – Dunce Hat
Go to the boys locker room and turn on the showers for a free dunce hat.

Hint – Easy Gym Challenge
Beat all the challenges in the gym, once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to challenge everyone anytime. The key to the easy money is to go up to the line every time, press Circle to jump, and while in mid-air, press X to throw. You’ll knock em down every time!

Hint – English Class Word Puzzle Answers
Hate anagrams and word puzzles? Just copy/paste and print the following solutions for passing English class quickly. It’s not cheating if your teacher doesn’t know about the PS2 controller plugged into your brain.

English Class 1 — Create 7 words from the letters “ELMOLW”. Here are some (game legal) words to use for this puzzle: Ell, Elm, Low, Mel, Mew, Mol, Mow, Ole, Owe, Owl, Lowe, Meow, Mewl, Mole, Moll, Well, Mellow.

English Class 2 — Create 14 words from the letters “THFSGI”. Here are some (game legal) words to use for this puzzle: Fig, Fit, His, Hit, Its, Sit, Figs, Fish, Fist, Fits, Gift, Gist, Hits, Sift, Sigh, This, Fight, Gifts, Shift, Sight, Fights.

English Class 3 — Create 15 words from the letters “ELISSM”. Here are some (game legal) words to use for this puzzle: Elm, Ism, Lei, Lie, Mil, Elms, Isle, Isms, Leis, Less, Lies, Lime, Mess, Mile, Mils, Miss, Semi, Sims, Slim, Isles, Limes, Miles, Seism, Semis, Slime, Slims, Smile, Slimes, Smiles.

English Class 4 — Create 19 words from the letters “RAOCYN”. Here are some (game legal) words to use for this puzzle: Any, Arc, Can, Car, Cay, Con, Coy, Cry, Nay, Nor, Oar, Ran, Ray, Roc, Yon, Corn, Cory, Cyan, Narc, Racy, Roan, Yarn, Acorn, Corny, Crony, Rayon, Crayon.

English Class 5 — Create 22 words from the letters “DGRAGE”. Here are some (game legal) words to use for this puzzle: Age, Are, Dag, Ear, Egg, Era, Erg, Gad, Gag, Rag, Red, Aged, Dare, Dear, Drag, Dreg, Egad, Gage, Gear, Grad, Rage, Read, Agger, Grade, Raged, Dagger, Ragged

Hint – Easy Freak Show Money
To make a lot of money fast, go to the freak show and make a bet (max bet is $100) on the wrestling match. You can pick either wrestler to win, it doesn’t matter. Stand next to the ring when the match starts.

Eventually the wrestlers will get close enough to you that you can land a few punches to the one you bet against. Be careful not to punch your own wrestler! This will knock his health way down and he’ll be finished off easily.

You’ll get a “Violence Against Children” in your violence meter, but it doesn’t matter because there aren’t any police in the freak show tent.

Hint – M80s and Water Balloons
I don’t know if anyone else had a problem finding these things, but they aren’t too hard to acquire. The Volcano 4000 firework is located in certain lockers; they appear more often after all missions are beaten.

As for the water balloons, they will be unlocked once you help the guy on top of the building next to the bike shop in Bullworth Town. Jump the fence in the back and climb the ladder to get them. From then on you may fill balloons at any source of water (water pipes, drinking fountains, etc.).

Easter Egg – Schoolgirl Upskirt Shots
If you want to check out Mandy’s panties, snipe her with your slingshot from the tree on the football field and she’ll fall to the ground and roll around

Now wait for your trouble meter to empty, hop out of the tree, walk over and have a look up her skirt. All the other girls wear white underroos. Nail them with a projectile from afar and quickly hop in a trashcan before you’re seen. When your trouble meter dies down, go have a look.

Even Ms. Danvers (Crabblesnitch’s secretary) fancies white underwear. When she grabs you for being naughty, stomp her foot and take a peak while she’s hopping up and down.

Hint – Rule The Day At Dodgeball
While playing Dodgeball in the gym, you can stop the game by pressing the L2 button (Help) during the time the game is stopped no hits will be counted.

So to use this in your favour, move as far away from the person with the ball, wait till the ball gets thrown, and hit L2. The ball will hit you but it won’t count; then just pick it up and do the jumpshot and you will be winning in no time!

Hint – Go-Kart
To get the go-kart on the street you have to complete all the carnival circuit races. Once you have, there are additional go-kart street races. When you have done those, the go-kart will be found near your garage next to the autoshop.

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