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   Dec 29

Your Questions About Gardening

Steven asks…

Should be an easy 10 points for Harry Potter fans…. :) ?

These 10 questions are all from the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Best of luck!

1. Who does Hermione have to duel with at the Duelling Club?

2. What instruments are played at Nearly Headless Nick’s deathday Party?

3. What does Dobby do that causes Harry get an official warning from the Ministry, during the holidays?

4. True of false
Tom Riddle chose the name Lord Voldemort because, when rearranged, him full name spells ‘ I am Lord Voldemort’.

5. True or false.
Gilderoy Lockhart publishes a book called Adventures with Aardvarks?

6. True or false
Harry is a Parsly Tongue.

7. What is the name of the bookstore where Mr Weasley and Mr Malfoy have a confrontation?

8. What are the creatures that the Weasley’s are often trying to remove form their garden?
*HINT: Us muggles have them too, although they generally don’t bother us

9.What is the article that frees Dobby when he receives it?

10. What causes Harry and Ron to miss the Hogwart’s Express on the first of September?

Some for your own opinions:

1. What is your favourite book and why?

2. Who is your favourite character and why?


If you can, i would love a bit of feedback as well. If you can think of any friends or people you know that would like this quiz, pleeease send them this link! Much appreciated :)

GardenersCardiff answers:

1. Neville longbottom

2.not sure

3. A levitation charm




7.flourish and blotts (or something)


9.harry’s sock

10.the wall had sealed over.

Donna asks…

Could someone please tell me the title of this movie?

The movie’s most probably done in the 90s. I remember this kid (boy – thin, cute, looks a bit like Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe) who sold his soul in exchange for a couple? of wishes to the devil’s secretary – who’s a black guy, as I can remember. He wanted to be cool and he even had the coolest clothes and asked for a husband for his mom – the husband, however, didn’t turn out to be who he wanted to be. He also wished for a car, to impress the girls – he ended up returning all of these though. They had to device a plan in which they break the deal off so that he could have his soul back again. There was a girl in the movie too, a pretty one, who turned out to be extremely UGLY, freakishly tall before she sold her soul for a couple of wishes (to be cool, pretty, a model, etc.)- whose mom had a weird liking to miniature decorations of gnomes(?) in their garden. They succeeded in the end because they found a way to break the deal they made with the devil’s “secretary”. Please help! :|

GardenersCardiff answers:

Try “I Was a Teenage Faust”

Richard asks…

Please can you critique my Harry Potter oneshot story?

I called it “Freds Goodbye”
Not really original but its all I could think of :P

It was dark. Snow was falling heavily into a large garden with a long table placed in the middle. The hedges that were placed around the table were full of small garden gnomes eating strange looking food and wearing not their usual pointy hats but sparkly Christmas ones that you get in crackers. A young, matured boy was sitting on the edge of the table watching two gnomes pull a small cracker apart. It gave a great bang and fireworks flew out of it, along with another Christmas hat with miniature witches that flew around the rim on their brooms singing Christmas songs, a silly joke and a fake wand. The boy had blazing red hair that stood out against the blanket of white snow like a sore thumb. He was very tall and had a kind, happy expression blasting through his eyes. He was wearing a large woolly jumper that had an ‘F’ emblazoned across the chest and his jeans were worn and frayed. He was facing a door that led into a large living room. Lights were on inside and silhouettes of people could be seen dancing and laughing through the windows. He was unknown to them but that did not matter. He wanted them to be having fun, to be celebrating the days they had together. Yet there was someone that the boy realised who wasn’t dancing. Who wasn’t happy looking and celebrating. He was walking towards the door holding a large jumper in his hands. He was running his fingers over a stitching on it. It was an ‘F’. A large golden ‘F’ and it was the same as the one the boy on the table was wearing; only his was a dark green. He looked identical to the boy sitting on the table. His hair bright red, his body long and slender yet his face wasn’t full of happiness. It was sad and un-happy. A pretty, young girl who was dancing with another young, bespectacled boy smiled at him. He forced a smile back, trying to look happy but it was more of a grimace. He opened the door and walked out into the cold. He was wearing a dark green jumper that had a ‘G’ across the chest. He came through the snow and sat down next to the boy, yet it was as if he could not see him. He took not notice that the boy was watching him intently, a kind of happy sadness filling his eyes.
“I still have hope you know, Fred.” George began. He was looking up into the sky; talking to someone he hoped could hear him. “That you’ll come back and we can run the shop together again.” Fred, who was still watching George carefully, smiled and tried to speak back but nothing came out. “I can’t go back there. Not without you.” He lay back onto the table, staring up into the starry sky. Snow was floating down and landing in his hair and eyelashes. “Mum can’t seem to get the fact that you’re dead. She made you a jumper again-” He lifted the jumper off his lap and looked at the ‘F’ carefully, hoping for Fred to come out of it or hoping for him to appear. “-It looks a million sizes too big.” George chuckled. Then he sat up and started to lift his own jumper up, revealing a broad chest with a large phoenix tattooed across his chest. “I’m part of the Order now. Properly. I’ve done a few missions. Only small ones but its still something to keep me occupied.” He placed the other jumper on and stared down at the ‘F’. His eyes filled with tears quietly and when he blinked the fell down his cheeks onto his lap. “All members of the Order have to have a symbol to show that they are part of it. A Phoenix. Most people just wear jackets and stuff with the Phoenix stitched on but I wanted a tattoo. We could have gotten them together you know… if you were here.” Those words struggled to come from his mouth. It was like swallowing ice cubes whole. The way they almost made him vomit when he even thought them. “Mum and Dad can’t even look at me now. They see you in me. They struggle to speak to me. Its like I’m not here anymore.” Fred was still watching his brother, smiling but still sad.

Theres more but it would be too long if I added it all…
I think this one is a lot darker than anything J.K Rowling would write… I wasnt really looking to write like Rowling, I was writing in my style…

GardenersCardiff answers:

You’ve done an excellent job at describing the setting. Not only do I get a vivid mental picture of what the scenery looks like, you’ve chosen words that really develop the sad atmosphere of the story. I can tell you’ve put a lot of thought into this piece. Great job!

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