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   Jan 26

Your Questions About Gardening

Richard asks…

is it true that all garden gnomes have different meanings?

is it true that all garden gnomes have differant meanings? if so where can i find the meanings?

GardenersCardiff answers:

I have never heard this but you can try google.

Michael asks…

Where can I find an out of stock garden gnome?

Hi, I am looking for a particular garden gnome named Jim-hands in pockets-garden gnome. I ve searched the web and he seems to be unavaillable or out of stock everywhere. Does anyone know where I can get him?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Have you tried Ebay?

Sharon asks…

What’s the Best Hardening Clay for Garden Gnomes?

I’ve been into molding with clay for a while now and have been fairly successful using never-hardening clay, just to train myself to sculpt. However, I’ve begun following my fascination with garden gnomes. I’m aware that most gnomes are made of carved concrete and mostly hard plastic, but I’d rather work with clay. What type of clay would be the best to use? Some sort of clay that I can bake in my home oven.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Try Aves Apoxie Clay. It dries very hard with no shrinkage, its also waterproof and freeze-thaw stable. (Its an air dry clay so you don’t need an oven or kiln)
Another clay you might enjoy trying is polymer clay (this is what I use the most) Its an oil based clay that you cure in your home oven. Its not not the type of clay that you would use for an outdoor piece though.

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