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   Jun 28

Your Questions About Gardening

Sandra asks…

I need to make a windchime for a girlscout project. Easiest way?

So my girl scout troop is doing a nature garden, and sensory plants and birshouses, and we need a windchime. So my job is to research how to make a windchime, home made. We were thinking Pcb (or whatever theyre called) pipes, but that would just make a hollow sound right? So what can we use to make a beautiful sounding winschime. thanks!!!

GardenersCardiff answers:

If you are making birdhouses other than just for show, you should take into consideration the fact that wind chimes, especially those made with metal pipes, are often used to scare off birds. Maybe you should decide which is more important to you, the chimes or the birds.

If you decide to forge ahead anyway, here’s a wind chime made with jingle bells.


Charles asks…

Is there anything particularly unhealthy about this quick’n'easy chicken curry recipie I’ve created?

It serves one to two people.

Take a chicken thigh quarter. Remove the skin and cook it in a steamer.
When it’s cooked, dismantle the meat into lumps and throw away the bones and gristle.

Next, make up some vegetable gravy using vegetable gravy stock cube or vegetable gravy granules. About half a pint. Once this is made, stir in a few teaspoons of cury powder (vary the amount depending on how hot you like it).

Now put the chicken lumps into a pot, and pour over your curry gravy.
Chop up a small onion – not too fine – and a mushroom, and toss them into the mix along with a small handfull of frozen garden peas.
Now cover it and allow it all to simmer gently.

Next, wash some rice to remove as much starch as possible, then boil it up so it becomes light and fluffy.
Make a bed of this rice on your plate, and serve the curry poured over.

I haven’t made this before. All my previous currys have been very unhealthy with high fat content, and I’m trying to move away from that.
When I say a chicken thigh quarter, I realise that may be misleading.
I mean the cut which consists of a chicken thigh with the drumstick still attached.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Doesn’t seem to be. The only thing you need to watch is that stock cubes sometimes have a high salt content. If you don’t add any extra salt it seems pretty healthy. Also try using brown rice, as this is much healthier than white.

George asks…

Need Help! English – little diary extract. Please can someone help me inprove it, easy 10 points?!?

“My son, my precious little darling son, is dead.

I never wanted to relocate here. The sinister hallways and the monotonous rooms, they weren’t for me. I greatly preferred our previous house; always bustling with activity and people in high spirits. That’s my home. But, here? Men in uniforms march solemnly down the corridors constantly, and I know none of them by name.

But, that’s not the worst of it. Not by any means.

I’d always speculated what the farm-like structure in close proximity to our house was. I distinguished it was something to do with ‘them’, but never did I think my husband would be involved in such a horrific affair. Not ever.

He was always fond of investigating, my innocent little boy. I never considered this mannerism would get him to where he is now. I presume he took it one step too far, but he didn’t understand, he couldn’t understand, he was too young, he was just a child.

It was the day we were to move again. He went missing. We weren’t particularly concerned to begin with, like I said, he liked to explore. It was when we went into the back garden, the forbidden garden, that I became apprehensive. No-one can ever understand the way I felt when my daughter noticed the window ajar and the freshly-made sandwich that lay before me on the ground. No-one.

Simultaneously, my husband, daughter, the guardsmen and I all began to panic. We shouted and shouted, ran and ran, as if we didn’t know where he’d gone. I didn’t fully understand myself what went on in those buildings, and I’m not sure I wanted to, but I do know that they were unscrupulous. People died there, people were burnt there, and those people were Jews. That’s all I knew.

When we finally reached the boundaries or the grounds, that’s when I set eyes on them. I saw the hole under the fence allowing passageway and his clothes, my cherished little sweethearts’ clothes. And I’ll admit; I crumbled. I knew by the look on my husband’s face as he sauntered hesitantly towards me, what had occurred that day.

The despondent clouds have drawn in now, and there’s no silver lining. The rain patters on the aluminium roof of the shed beyond the window and a crack of thunder rolls through the valley. I’m left abandoned and perplexed, and nothing will ever be the same again. My son is dead.”

Any help with it i will REALLY appreciate :) Thankyooooou. Shannon xx
Aw, you guys are so nice :) :) xx

GardenersCardiff answers:

Your grammar and punctuation is superb. I wish I could write like that !
I agree with the above I want to know what happens next!
It’s a really good diary entry its keeps your attenion and makes you want to know what happened next. I would give this piece of work an A*!
Hope you carry on these skills you have in writing.

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