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   Jul 25

Your Questions About Gardening

Chris asks…

WDYT of the name zhena?

Like zen-ah/zen-uh. Zen as like zen garden and uh as in uh what? NOT zeenah.
I’m making a list of both my boyfriend and is favorites, I like traditional names and he likes strange ones.
He suggested this but I wanted to get opinions before I added it to the list.

If you can’t pronounce it, though I so obviously made it easier for you then do not answer!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Zhena….. Its alright. I rate it 7/10. Way Better than some of these crazy names :)

Donald asks…

I need help writing an awkward bit in my story…?

I have no idea how to write this! It seems so simple but I can’t make it work! Gah! Here is what leads up to what I cannot seem to get right (Kray and Deklan aren’t from Earth and they once dated but broke up. Also, Kray had been injured in a fight before this scene.)
“We should go to town, get something to eat,” Deklan said hearing Kray’s stomach growl.
“Yeah that would be nice if Evel had left us the money,” Kray said sarcastically. Deklan dug through his backpack and pulled out a wad of twenty-dollar bills. “Where did you get that money?” Kray gasped grabbing the money from his hands.
“I had a feeling that-“ Deklan stopped himself. “Let’s just say I borrowed Evel’s money without her knowing.” His face flushed red with embarrassment.
“You stole her money!” Kray said her mouth falling open with shock. “You idiot! How on Earth will she survive without money?”
“I left her twenty dollars. Besides, she didn’t give us all the money. She saved some money in her wallet. Evel made sure that if she did leave that she would have money,” Deklan spoke softly. Most of the time Deklan hides his emotion as much as Kray did but when he talked about Evel his shields seemed to falter. Then the shields were right back up. “Do you think you can handle going into town?” Kray sat up and felt dizzy but the feeling ended quickly.
“I should be okay. Wanna go to Olive Garden? Or McDonalds?” Kray asked as Deklan helped her to her feet.
“Olive Garden. We deserve a good meal without almost being eaten by two headed monsters!” Deklan said draping his arm over her shoulders.
“Speaking of the monster, how’d you kill it? Evel took one of the backpacks and the other was upstairs?” Kray asked as they walked out of the forest.
“Right when I realized that you couldn’t stop eating long enough to take a breath I knew had to get the weapons. I asked to be excused. When they said yes I ran upstairs to get the backpack,” Deklan said as they slipped into the town unnoticed. The farm clothes made it easier for them to blend in.
“I don’t think there will be an Olive Garden around here,” Kray mused as a horse and buggy rolled by. “We should ask a local. They would know the best food.”
“Sure,” Deklan said gripping the backpack tighter. Kray realized that when ever they went out into the open he tensed.
“Relax. What do you think they’ll do to us? Pitchfork us to death!” Kray snorted walking towards a young mom and her children. “Excuse me miss!”
“What?” the woman said exasperated. One child was screaming, one was crying in her arms, and the other was running around.
“Let me help you,” Kray said picking up the screaming child. Instantly she became quiet. The others calmed down also.
“Thanks, are you a mom too?” the lady asked smirking.
“No, just good with kids. Listen I was wondering, where is the best place to get food around here. We aren’t from around here,” Kray said moving the child to her other side.
“It’s obvious I am, huh?” the woman said. “I’m Daisy by the way! My parents name choice not mine. I’m actual heading there right now we could go there together,” Daisy’s eyes pleaded knowing that when Kray left she would be stuck with her kids. Alone. Kray waved Deklan to come closer.
“This is Deklan, he’s my…” Kray didn’t know what to say. They looked nothing alike so she couldn’t say brother.
“I’m her fiancée,” Deklan said with a smirk. “We just got engaged.” He held up Kray’s hand and a ring had appeared on her hand.
“Oh well, you better hang onto him honey. Or I’ll take him,” Daisy said giving Deklan a once over.
“Yeah well he’s my Ducky Boo!” Kray said with a cheesy smile. “Isn’t that right Ducky Boo Boo!” Kray kissed him on the cheek.
“That’s right my little Pinky Piggy! We met at a mutual friends costume party. She was the cutest pig butt in the world. Weren’t you Pinky?” Deklan asked with an evil smile.
“Yes Ducky,” Kray frowned. “Well, let’s get going to the restaurant. We’re starving.”

I don’t what to say!
Do I say: They arrived at the restaruant
Or do I say: They headed to the restaurant
Both don’t seem to work for me or my writing style!

GardenersCardiff answers:

I didn’t read all of it (sorry about that, by the way), but I would start with some dialogue concerning orders, eg, “And I’ll have the caesar salad, please,” she said, handing the perky blonde waitress her menu and biting into yet another delicious breadstick. (I seriously love Olive Garden).

Or write something about someone scanning their menu, or describing the restaurant as they walk in.

Maria asks…

While I am purging my conscience , teachers, ?

I have this to say. Want your opinion. I cheated on absolutely nothing whatsoever in elementary school.
I was given no silly good enough draw a man test,
officially, and did not copy the stupid thing when I did it.
Eighth graders, sixth graders tested by that thing? I didn’t even know what an IQ was. I was not dumb.
I never needed to copy anything, nor did anyone else
there I knew of.

In hs, as a freshman, I copied one outside assignment.
I was disciplined. I did it due to intimidation, due to being new in a school which seemed huge to me, fear of getting lost, (which I did twice). It was wrong. I
wanted very much to do right from there.Even before. Always. Then as a senior, I believe a senior, I
blatantly copied a paragraph,in front of the teacher, being idiotic, silly, because it was a lost cause. Every time I turned around, it was something. Someone either accusing, or trying to
cause me to cheat. It was not a test, not a grade
determinant. What was the use? I was astonished when no one said anything. Hurt. Astonished.
It was typical of everyone’s attitude toward my efforts in hs to make good grades. I was not cheating. If
getting help with some problems in Algebra is cheating, then many people did because they met together and studied. I did not have help with all of it, and certainly not on testing. I was not cheating.

It could be they
were trying to help me. I had a really bad experience with the grade school. Our school was horrible, terribly impoverished. I studied anything I could get my hands on, as we all did. I really worked on becoming assertive again, speaking out. I am done with all this stuff. Done.

I did not cheat in first year Spanish, not one iota.
That angers me deeply. I have no idea at all what
sort of grades anyone made who sat by me in any class. Could have been dolts for all I knew.

I thought i deserved better grades at times than what
I received. I am sure I did a couple of times. Positive.

IF anyone had the same things on papers I had, consider the possibility I was not the one copying.
I had some tutoring in Algebra. Most of my Algebra
I did not have help with.

I did not copy when we went in for eighth grade testing to go into hs. I am almost sure they said I did.
Those tests were astonishingly easy.

I copied nor cheated on absolutely nothing, zilch, nada in college. I had no copies of old tests. Nothing. Nothing. That is the truth. In one class, we were reviewing. I had the info, the subject in hs. I had no info anyone else did not have. I knew it. It was merely review.
I did not cheat. Had no copies of old or new tests.

Had no copies or inside info on State Boards for nursing. That fills me with rage. Animosity.
I worked so hard to not be accused of cheating, and
to make good grades, be respected. i saw no familiar test questions on my Boards. If they were there
I did not recall them. I studied. I studied above and beyond anything at all required. I sat and studied every day Mon thru Fri, from about six to ten or eleven, sometimes half a day saturday, Sat. night, Sunday night. I was there for the kids. I was there for my husband when he came in. I wanted to study. I did it because I WANTED TO DO SO. NOT ILLEGAL.
i ALSO MADe a big garden, canned, froze, hauled my kids to school, did all the housework, loved my hubby, (we went to marriage encounter to try to hang together)

I actually dropped out of school due to this to get away from those wanting me to cheat.. Came to my house. I was so made from
the stuff they were insinuating, I said oh yeah, sure, sure, whatever. We are doing anything imaginable. Got it growing on the roof, dance naked in the street at midnight. I think she believed it. I retracted it. Didn’t do any good. They knew we did not do drugs,
were not doing any thing illegal, nor sleeping around.
I surely was not. Have no reason to think my husband did. I surely did not collect one hundred or even
fifty dollars a week from his check. More like five or ten.
No we are not keeping things the same..I am not married. I will control my own money. I will not be dominated. I have no husband or potential for, nor boyfriend, nor potential for. I am a celibate hetero
Christian. I will be unless i fall deeply in love with
a mature, moral, sane, rational, lawabiding Christian man who will treat me decently, kindly, and respectfully as my husband did, who allowed me to do as I pleased.
He was not a dictator.

I worked for DFS. We took state
tests. I was given a timed writing. I honestly do not know if that was the one given. I had no old, new, or otherwise copy of any State Merit Test. If someone gave me one, I did not use it, did not recognize it.
That is the God’s truth. If one could not pass those SM
tests, something is wrong. Test anxiety? what?
I was not coached.

I would strongly suggest if anyone have questions regarding this, they approach me in private, and ask.
We will d
This posting is the last on this subject. My parents were decent people. I never discussed anything that went on with them. It is not their fault . I did not invite anyone to my college grad. due to the stuff that went on. I was humiliated. No one gave me inside info. If they were
supposed to they did not. Thank God.
I can write, spell, punctuate better than this. My eye is hurting. I must get off here. I study , I pick things, and study, I study Algebra at times for fun. I loved it a lot. I love science. I loved A&P ,etc.
all of it.I study music.
I study languages, I do sudukos. Fall asleep doing them, love cryptoquotes.
So, I am not brain dead. I am tired of this. I have no surrogate parents. I am an adult. The problems which I had were dealt with then. I would like to
say if someone thinks someone is cheating they should take them aside then. As I said, above is all. There is no sense dragging this stuff up when someone is old as dirt to humiliate their kids, grandkids. I
I have no guilt work, no undoing. I am doing none. I have been the victim, not the perpetrator. I accuse no one.
I harbor no grudges except for keeping on and on. I have a clear conscence.
I have suffered far above any reasonable thing over this. I was never a candidate for grants, or scholarships. None that I knew of. I am done with this.
I am disappointed and angry over the turn of events here. But it is over. I would like to live my live in peace, what is left of it.
That should read “….mad from the stuff they were insinuating.”
I wanted to go to college from hs. Never entertained any idea of working for DFS.
I did not have good feelings for them.
Not at all. I took the job, and tried to
do my best. Someone, someone, simply did not want me to work. Not my hubby.
I planned it carefully. Realized as a senior it was not possible. Money. Money. It was not lack of intellect.
It was not lack of character or ability.
Things are different today, I think.
Thank the Lord.
More than a couple….I know of many students who went and argued with
teachers and had their test scores changed, their gpa changed in elementary, hs, college. Who knows. Maybe the ones who failed , would have passed. This is nuts. NUTS.

GardenersCardiff answers:

It’s okay, honey. I believe you. There are plenty more like you working in DFS. It’s okay…. Just don’t worry anymore.

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