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   Aug 26

Your Questions About Gardening

Laura asks…

Is it rewarding and fun to grow your own vegetables in your back garden ?

for years now, I’ve had this fascination and desire to do gardening.

Its fun, its relaxing and therapeutic and rewarding.

Its november – what sort of Vegetables might I be able to grow now – thru into Dec,Jan and Feb ?

I’d love to give Potatoes, Carrots and even Onions a go.

no idea if any of them are in season or out of season for this period.

Do you need to do your homework first, to find out the ideal conditions to grow certain vegetables ?

what are the basics – the essential things you MUST do to get off to a safe start that will give me satisfactory results ?

the idea of growing my own potatoes and making chips sounds quite fun.

Or using the onions & carrots grown by myself, in cooking.

GardenersCardiff answers:

For the first couple of years,

you will spend quite a bit on your tools, pots of different sizes, bags of compost to make your soil good, Insecticide and fungicide spray along with other sprays which you will need, garden canes, cloches, water butts and hose pipe etc.

Its hard work in preparing everything and keeping it that way, but once done you will get great satisfaction when picking them fresh from your ground plus giving a few left overs to your neighbours.

It depends on how serious you want to make it and it can be more expensive than buying from the shops at times, but once you get the bug you wont be able to stop.

As for your information. You can get all this from your own P.C. Just type in…for eg… (growing cabbages) and it will give you all the info you need. ( Or preparing a vegetable garden.)

It will tell you how and when to grow all types of veg.

As for your seeds…Buy them off ebay, there are some good cheap sellers there. Don’t get paying high prices from shops or garden centres when you can buy them for 99p a pack.

You will soon learn what to do and what not to do.

Its not the growing you have to worry about, its all about getting the soil right. Just like I said at the beginning. Buying compost and adding all what you can to the soil to make it a good texture, as your veges wont grow very good just in soil alone.

Happy Gardening.

Donald asks…

What kind of Government would make it a crime to grow your own vegetables?

Look here:


All thoughts welcome.

GardenersCardiff answers:

A criminal enterprise headed by Monsanto . Even our food has been sold to the corporate masters ..

Lisa asks…

VEGETARIANS… If you had to grow your own vegetables would you still be a veggie?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Absolutely! They taste a lot better than shop bought veg, no chemicals or artifical colouring. It’s also very satisfying when you’ve grown them yourself. You don’t really need a garden either, a lot of veg can be grown in large pots.

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