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   Aug 31

Your Questions About Gardening

Charles asks…

Have you noticed an increase in wild birds this year?

We have more variety visiting our gardens and i’ve seen some in the locality which haven’t been around for years like Jays and Kingfishers.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Yes we have had lots of birds, all types of finches, wagtails, blackbirds, starlings, wood pigeons, collared doves, we have nesting blue tits at the moment, and great tits, coal tits, even a heron on occasions, probably more but I can’t remember them all, so yes a definite increase, by the way I live in Lancashire UK.

Laura asks…

Why is the White House indoctrinating doctors at the control of the 0bama regime?

GardenersCardiff answers:

The doctors aren’t being indoctrinated. They already supported Obama’s ideas on the health care system. This was more of a call to action for those who already supported his plans. Obama knows that people trust their doctors, and that many will place merit on what they have to say on the topic of health reform. They want these doctors to be out there as a voice so they can gain more support for the plan (whichever one it ends up being). That’s the kind of stuff that happens when you elect a community organizer to the office of POTUS.

Edit – @ Bash – 63% of 2,000 doctors surveyed support a plan that includes a public option. There were 567,000 doctors in the US in 2004. A sampling of 2,000 can hardly be called a “majority”.

Helen asks…

Lying in bed all day boredom?

My mum has a herniated disc and isn’t able to move for max. six weeks (we are seeing to treatment). I would like to keep her entertained as she will most likely become bored.
We have a laptop and i would like to get her involved in blogs/forums/games. She is interesting, she is a music teacher and LOVES MUSIC, she likes gardening, reading, swimming, anything relaxing and says she is a theologian or something. If you could list any interesting and mind opening websites that you know of, that could be great!

GardenersCardiff answers:

This makes you an awesome kid. Get her on Itunes. I have loved it from the start. Once a week I tunes does a new song, usually 3 songs. That might be fun for her. Free stuff every week. Also go for the podcast, they are free and fun. Look for what you want, and then find it for you mother, it’s available on itunes. Look for it on itunes it’s there. Free Podcast, are awesome.

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