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   Mar 20

Your Questions About Gardening

Donald asks…

Can anyone suggest good blogs about gardening and lawncare?

I am interested in finding cool blogs about gardening and lawncare. Most od the blogs Ive found so far are pretty lame.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Hey Matty D,

South Carolina has the Emmy Award-winning “Making It Grow!”, which is a live, interactive call-in program produced by ETV and Clemson University, serving viewers with current research-based horticultural information. Host Rowland Alston, Jr., and featured guests focus on gardening topics, while highlighting interesting places and products from around the state.

The chat is open at various times.

Linda asks…

I am looking for some PA gardening websites and blogs?

I am trying to find some good websites and blogs about PA gardening? I am interested in Flower gardening as well as Vegetable gardening. I have done the google thing and I just can’t seem to find any good websites or blogs to bookmark and come back to. Please let me know if there are any and what they are? Thank you in advance!

GardenersCardiff answers:

The BBC one is very good. It has categories of what you can post:

If you’re looking for the more blog-type gardening website, then try out this one:

Hope this helps :)

William asks…

Could you help me find a good gardening blog?

I really like faires, and lawn gnomes and stuff like that to be involved with my garden’s style. Any gardening blogs would be great. I just want something to give me ideas for this coming growing season. Thanks a ton!

GardenersCardiff answers:

I loooove The Garden Witch. She always keeps it updated with gorgeous pictures and she has lots of fabulous paintings of fairies. I even bought a poster of one from her to put on my wall!

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