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   Mar 03

Your Questions About Gardening

Betty asks…

Know anyone with a grow your own mushrooms at home kit?

I got this kit for Christmas, grow your own mushrooms at home. It is from Plow and Hearth. I don’t know how to start the kit. You add water to the soil, but do you grow the mushrooms in the box? Or do you take all the “dirt” out and grow them somewhere else? I’ve contacted the company, but have not heard back from them yet. Any experience with this thing?

GardenersCardiff answers:

If there are no directions that tell you what to do, call a seed company or try to e-mail or call P&H again. Good luck

Charles asks…

How do i refill my grow your own mushrooms at home kit?

I purchased a Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit by Back to the Roots. It says it can grow 4 yields of about a pound of mushrooms. After they are all done, how can i grow more mushrooms yet again? I heard the bags are filled with recycled coffee grounds…

GardenersCardiff answers:

Im not quite sure but i get mushrooms from over watering the soil.

Susan asks…

How do you grow your own Mushrooms?

i was just wondering if you could grow mushrooms from a store bought pack? and how?

GardenersCardiff answers:

No, mushrooms (both edible and “recreational”) are grown from spore kits. It’s not difficult but you must be careful to check for mold during the growing stage which can be dangerous.

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