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   Sep 23

Your Questions About Gardening

John asks…

Can this fish live in a bowl?

So a week ago I was interested in fish and went to my local pet store (it’s not a specialty store but has fish) and asked the helper. He sold me a 4 gallon bowl and a koi, as well as 2 goldfish. I realized the horrible mistake I made, and donated them to a local garden center with a massive koi pond because the store told me it was too late to return them, and wouldn’t even take them back for free.

Anyways, I tentatively asked again what might live there, and they recommended I think what was called a soartail, not sure if that’s correct. It’s about 2 inches and some of them have a pointy tail fin. After my last experience I decided to tell them I’ll think about it and am now asking here. Would a soartail (or whatever) be ok? They told me they were really hardy and easy to look after.
My neighbor might give me her tank, she’s moving soon. It has everything, should I just wait for that?

GardenersCardiff answers:

1. Swordtail
2. You are right to not trust this person, because they are a complete idiot and don’t know even the simplest things about fish. You may not know anything about fish, but you already know more than that person. Seriously, just figuring out that what they were saying might be crap makes you smarter than them because you are right, they don’t know what they are talking about.
3. Wait for the tank, spend the time researching cycling an aquarium and look over questions here on Answers so that you’re more ready when the tank arrives.

Good luck.

Linda asks…

what’s the best kind of Compost, Manure and fertilizer for my garden (Peppers)?

I’m trying to start a garden in my backyard (I live in fl) and I’d like to start with bell peppers because they sound pretty easy. I’m not sure if my soil is good or not but the computer says to use a mixture of compost, manure and fertilizer and I’m just wondering if there is a certain kind I should use (keep in mind I’m on a limited budget) Also I’ll be using a home made pepper spray for dusting.
And, Should I plant them in a very sunny area, or what’s best? Thanks

GardenersCardiff answers:

They belong to the tomato family , so a good load of compost mixed with your soil is ideal , some potash is needed for the flowering and fruiting of what you want.
If this is a new garden try planting potatoes , as the hilling up of the plants helps break up the soil.
Gardening is a learning lifestyle so don;t get discouraged

Mark asks…

Do I have to drop my kerb if I want to use my front Garden as a Drive (UK Only)?

My hubby has removed my front wall and converted my front garden into a driveway. The pavement at the front of the house is lower than the rest of the street by 50% due to Water Company digging up there 2 years ago and putting it back lower than at first.

There is no issue with me getting my car on the drive, it is easy due to the lower kerb.

My question is, am I legally required to lower my kerb fully? This is a £1000 job done by the council, and I am not paying that kind of money for it.

There is a know-it-all busy-body who thinks that he owns the street and walks around like a council attendant all day long who has been stirring trouble about the issue.

My hubby thinks that there is no problem. There is no obstruction, there is no damage, and we own our own house and have made everything as safe as possible.

Do I HAVE to employ the council to drop the kerb or is this an optional part of the process?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Yes you do have to have to get the kerb dropped.

You have no right of vehicular access over the pavement.
If the council allow you this access then they will want the kerb dropped so as to not cause damage.
You may be able to get another contractor to do this but you will have to discuss this with the council.

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