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   Sep 26

Your Questions About Gardening

Ruth asks…

littlest pet shop wii-in need of help!?

I’ve been playing this game and unlocked the garden, but can’t unlock the jungle or winter levels. I have gotten blue ribbons on easy, medium, and hard levels of all mini games and have made sure all my pets are “happy” and have high energy-but nothing new will unlock! argh! and I can’t find any cheats or walk throughs online except for how to unlock the giraffe. I got that. but what do I have to do to unlock more pets or the other two worlds? please help! thanks.

GardenersCardiff answers:

To unlock the winter and the jungle levels, we answered the mail in the mailbox. It took about 5 hours of play to get there. After using the cheat codes for the giraffe. We began answering all the mail. The winter level came first then the jungle. Good Luck.

Mandy asks…

i just cant make my mind up about which breed :( ?

i have looked through SOOOOO many breeds for the past few months and just cant settle properly on one. i LOVE labs and that has been my choice from the beginning and loads of people have said that they are the best first dog to have, also my sister is disabled and is in a wheelchair so a lab would be big enough for her to stroke and they are good therapy dogs too. but are labs easy to train? i’ve also heard that overbreeding in the past few years has made them aggressive : i have a big garden and i would be able to take the dog on 2-3 long walks a day also on trips to the park, beach etc so it would get quite a fair amount of excercise a day. also since its my first dog i would obviously prefer a breed that was fairly easy to train. mainly just basic manners and a few obedience things like ‘sit, down etc’ also good to train on the lead and to house train too.
i dont know whether to adopt a young dog from a shelter or get a puppy. i would love a puppy so that i could bond with it from being really young and be able to train it myself so the puppy would get used to our lifestyle very early and easy and be able to know our rules etc. but also i know puppys can be alot of work and to be honest i’m not very patient. but if the breed was easy to train then i suppose i could manage to train them properly after watching alot of Victoria Stilwell’s training video’s etc because i love her training techniques. but i have recently thought about getting a young dog from a shelter who needs a home, but then again what if they dont like our lifestyle? my mam wanted to get a retired greyhound but then again it might not be used to our lifestyle and all the noises etc in our home and that would take a while to get used to etc. where as a puppy, will just get used to them from day one and be used to them his whole life. : sorry for all the writing but basically i would like to know, should i get a puppy or a young dog from a shelter and what breed?!?! thanks alot! x

GardenersCardiff answers:

Try or your local shelter. Ask your shelter to contact you when they get a dog that suits your lifestyle. There are also breed rescues. How to find a good breeder-…

Paul asks…

The degenere7ual beverage quiz?I posted this anyway. 10 points for best answer and a 5 star rating. drink this

OK yahoo members I will list a sentence and your job is to fill in the missing information, example:
1)This is something people must have to clean toxic out of their body, clue: an ocean is made of what?
you are to answer the questions like this,
that would be water, this is the answer to the first question.

OK let’s get started, these should be easy, to get a best answer be specific,
EXAMPLE: for the example above you can list both water and h2o as an answer!

1) it is a hot summer day, you have been working in the garden all day, why not KOOL yourself off with a big glass of what?

2)I like to watch Ellen DeGeneres on TV while drinking this beverage?CLUE:ever had some 7 what?

3)At school, I drink chocolate what?clue cereal and what?

4)It is illegal to drink what and drive?

5)I have been running all day, I went to the store and bought some what to rehydrate me?CLUE: stores have a sale on these
you can buy 10 of them for $1.00.

6) Have a cup of what?clue in the alphabet.

GardenersCardiff answers:

2.7 up (I love Ellen!She’s so funny!)
5.gatorade/water(it depends where you shop though…)

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