Will the real radicals please stand up


For the Best Gardeners in the Cardiff Area

   Oct 22

Your Questions About Gardening

Daniel asks…

To all that battle here in this RS section?

We can argue and debate till the cows come home. But is anyone noticing the real items behind the curtain?

Like HR 875 is trying to be pushed through congress/senate during the next few weeks all nice and quiet. What is HR 875 you might ask? Monsanto’s law that will stop you from growing your own garden, your own herbs, the end of organic food.

So is the battle here really worth it? Or is the real battle that is out there more important? Spread the news, research the topic, tell others. Our very food source is in danger.
I cannot believe the majority of you don’t even know your own country nor your own laws being passed. Go back to fake TV land as clearly you have no clue what real life is.

Robert and the FEW others that grasp the complexity and urgency of this knowledge. Thank you for being awake among the blind and deaf sheep that walk among us.

And to all who said no one is coming to take their garden. You need to wake up and just watch the world. You might learn something past who gets the high score in a video game.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Thank you for posting this. Here’s the link to the act.


Everyone else, please bother to read it before you criticize this guy for posting about it. As I’m reading it I’m not 100% sure what the implications are for homegrown vegetables, but this could definitely put all but the very largest ag-business farms out of business.

George asks…

Poll: Do you grow your own. . .?

Uh, veggies? and/or herbs?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Yes .. Ive just spent 6 hours today in the allotment we have .. Palted out loads today .. Shattered now .. But feeling good.

Mandy asks…

Can anybody share their experiences of owning an AeroGardener for growing vegetables and herbs indoors?

Where we live, it’s too cool to grow vegetables outdoors in winter. There’s a device manufactured in the States called an AeroGardener which supplies light, warmth, water and nutrients and allows you to grow salad vegetables in your kitchen even in winter. Can anybody please tell us of their experiences with this product? Is it as good as the manufacturers claim?
Hi afk. Why is it that you have to buy their seeds?

GardenersCardiff answers:

I bought one for my girlfriend last month and she is loving it. Everything grows real fast and real big. The pain is that you pretty much have to buy their seeds, so it can get a little expensive. I’m sure a generic version will be out soon enough on Target/Walmart shelves. The main problem with it is that you can only grow certain plants together. It’s not really a design flaw, but a fact of nature. Overall I highly recommend the thing.

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Will the real radicals please stand up