Toysmith 2296 Kid’s 3-Piece Garden Tool Set

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   Oct 27

Your Questions About Gardening

Lizzie asks…

Where to find mini-tools for gardening indoors in pots?

I had a little set when I was younger. It had a little rake about 1 1/2″ wide, plus one wide and one skinny trowel. It was just perfect for gardening in the house, for herb pots and the like. I would like another one, if possible with more things.

Thank you in advance

GardenersCardiff answers:

This is a great looking set… At a good price:,51810&ap=1

Hope they strike your fancy!

Joseph asks…

What tools do I need to know to start a landscape and gardening design business?

Years ago I worked in a amateur way in gardening maintenance. I realice that I liked it a lot but I don’t have the specific knoledge and experience to start a landscape and gardening design business. I have the feeling that I have the creativity for doing this but of course this is not all. Could someone help me telling me the kind of tools that I would require to start this gradually? Maybe I would requiere to know some landscape design software, etc. In short, what kind of tools would be necesary to have and learn. Maybe the thing would be more complex like doing an Business plan? I’ll thank any advice. Chris

GardenersCardiff answers:





Gardener: A truck or trailer to carry your equipment and debris (although some enterprising people have even started without this). A lawn mower, rake, broom, and other small hand tools. Buy your equipment used if necessary, but shop carefully.

Landscaper: Basically you need hand tools and a truck or trailer. To start with most other tools you can rent.

Interiorscaper: A car or truck is necessary, watering cans, and assorted small hand tools.

>From the basic requirements to start it would seem that interiorscaping requires the smallest capital outlay. This is correct, but starting an interiorscape business is more difficult in other ways. It requires a better understanding of the trade. Indoor plants are much more difficult to maintain. Also, acquiring accounts is not as easy as in outdoor work. Most, if not all, interiorscape accounts will be commercial, as opposed to the residential work of gardeners.

For gardeners and landscapers a truck or trailer is a must, but as I mentioned earlier it is possible to start without one for some work. If you are doing maintenance you may be able to get accounts that will allow you to use their equipment and not require you to haul away debris. You will be expected to work very inexpensively, though. If you can get a truck do so.

For both gardeners and landscapers another source of income is from clean-ups. This is simply a one-time job of cleaning up an overgrown landscape. These jobs are hard work, but can be quite profitable.

In every business you have to contend with the government. Service businesses are no different. Before you get started investigate what is required in your area. Most likely you will need a business license from your city. The state may require a contractor’s license or certification for landscape contractors. Most likely your state will require a pest control license if you intend to apply pesticides. Check out all the city, state, and federal rules before you start.

Misc hand tools rakes shovels

Linda asks…

I have a garage and want to store the gardening tools on the wall, can anyone recommend a great solution?

GardenersCardiff answers:

You go to the garden centre, buy some hooks designed for hanging up garden tools and fix them to your garage wall.

Mind you, if you’ve got a garage made of pre-stressed concrete panels, you’ll need to fix brackets to the bolts that join the panels together, to take a piece of wood to fix the hooks to.

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Toysmith 2296 Kid’s 3-Piece Garden Tool Set