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   Oct 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Charles asks…

Looking for outdoor garden supplies in Vancouver, BC?

I’m making a fountain for my garden and am not sure exactly what material to use or where to find them. I want it to be three shallow dishes of different sizes that are slightly tilted, so the water pours from one to the other.

I would love some suggestions on what type of dishes I should use…I was thinking some kind of metal?

And some ideas on where I can find these dishes would be much appreciated!

Thanks so much!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Look in the phone book under Gardening supplies

Donald asks…

Where do you shop for garden supplies in San Francisco?

I really like Plant Warehouse!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Try Sloat garden center out by the Zoo. Easy to get to and lots of parking.

Susan asks…

Where can I buy garden supplies fo a cold climate.?

I live in an area that does not have a long enough summer to have a full harvest. Where can I buy material to start my garden indoors?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Most garden centers will have what you need or can order it for you. Just tell them what you want to do and they should be able to make solid recommendations.

Or, You can also get an Aerogarden (I’ve seen them at Bad Bath and Beyond or you can mailorder one), start your outdoor garden in it and move the plants outdoors or leave it as an indoor garden and then continue to grow indoors through the winter.

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