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   Oct 31

Your Questions About Gardening

John asks…

hey i need help my grammer?

Design Coffee Shop will begin operations in July 2009. Plans also include undertaking a small expansion with 6-8 months of beginning operations.”

Brief outline of your business concept:

Design coffee shop is company involved more greatest the originally coffee shop It providing graphic design and marketing communication services. it not provide big business . It just likes a small business
Every day, millions of Americans wanted to sit down and enjoy the smell cup of coffee and lay back & see the background artwork from graphic design artist.
“A person had dreamed to spend more than 50 cents for a cup of coffee. A few years, now they glad to pay $1 to $4 for their cappuccino, mocha latte or vanilla ice blended drink
The specialty-coffee business is growing at a healthy pace.
The completive the Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, Pet’s, Dietrich’s and other major chains serve average quality drinks in establishments that have the same generic design appearance. Indeed, Starbucks and The Coffee Bean are often referred to as “fast food” coffeehouses due to their “cookie cutter” design. Now that Americans’ coffee preferences have broadened and matured, many are asking for more from their design coffee shop

Vision and Mission Statement
The design coffee shop will become the more like small museum. We will serve a perfect product at a very competitve price We will also be a meeting place for graphic design artists and a place for them to show off their work. We will create an atmosphere conducive to creative expression and promote the creative process.

Our primary goals over the next year are:

1. Secure financing for start-up of at least $1,000 for space and equipment.
2. Renovate our space in San Berniorndio.
3. Acquire equipment necessary for business, i.e. coffee pot, cappuccino machines, blenders, etc.
4. Make agreement with coffee distributors, and bakery vendors.
5. Create a cozy, artist friendly environment (i.e. choice of colors, choice of music, decor)
6. Open for business and become the foremost coffeehouse in the area.
The Design coffee shop is a general partnership between Lisa and Sandy Mason. Each partner is equally financial involvement in operation and management of the shop, each to her own abilities.
Location and Facilities
The Design coffee shop is located in the Old Town section of San Bernardino, California. We currently own the building we will occupy, though painting and renovation are sorely needed.
Products and Services
Description of Products and Services
The Design coffee shop will offer high quality coffee, tea, hot coca, and cappuccino, at a very reasonable price.
we also buy cooking from other store.
Key Features of the Products and Services
All drinks will be made with filtered water and the highest quality ingredients we can get.
Frozen drinks will have caramel or chocolate syrup drizzled in the glass and over the drink. Cappuccino and hot coca will have whipped cream toppings as well as the option for candy sprinkles. Cookies will have the option of a chocolate or caramel dip and sprinkles.
We will offer designer flavored cream and five kinds of sweetener, i.e. sugar, honey, Equal, Splenda, and Sweet-n-Low. Cream and sweetener is at no extra charge.

Production of Products and Services
We will use only filtered water and will brew our coffee in commercial coffeepots that will be thoroughly cleaned between uses.
Future Products and Services
Within the next three to five years we expect to branch out into catering and offer homemade pies, whole or by the slice.
Comparative Advantages in Production
Our low overhead and cheaper pricing will be the key to our success.
Industry Overview
Market Research
There are other businesses that serve only coffee in our Old Town.
Size of the Industry
Nationally, the coffee shop industry is quite large, but in somewhere, there are more. Key Industry
This industry is booming at the present time, there is a trend toward small cozy places and away from the large generic chain.
Industry Outlook
The coffee business does not show signs of slowing down. With new innovations such as flavorings and additives, it should continue for some time.
Marketing Strategy
Target Markets
Our target market is a artist and writers who need a nice quite cozy place to think and do their work.
Description of Key Competitors
Of the three coffee shops in the area, one is a large chain with a very expensive product, one is really a home-style restaurant, the last one, and our biggest competitor is an antique store with a “tea room”.
Analysis of Competitive Position
Our pricing strategy and comfortable atmosphere will be the key to our success. None of the other shops in the area can offer this.
Pricing Strategy
We will offer three sizes of drinks, small $1.00, medium $1.50 and large $2.00.
Our cookies and brownies will sell for $1.00 each
Promotion Strategy
We intend to advertise in the local newspapers and offer a “frequent drinkers club” discount to our best customers. We will also send out ads via direct mail, which will include cents off coupons.
Management and Staffing
Organizational Structure
Our organizational structure will be a simple pyramid style with the owners putting in as much work as the employees. Pyrimid a tall hierarchical structure, in other words, then I would be the boss, with a general manager working as your employee, who has a team, that on its turn supervises the employees. I think I mean a Flat structure (with the owners being “one of the guys”)
Management Team
April and Arlene will share management and supervisory responsibilities equally. Arlene for the morning shift. April for the afternoon shift.
We will hire two busboys and two waitresses; these will be recruited from the local high school.
Labor Market Issues
In this area there are many high school students looking for work, part time or full time, we want to fill that need.

Market Risks
The main risk is monetary. The area may not be ready for a place like ours and we may not do a great business.
Implementation Plan
Implementation Activities and Dates
. Complete renovation 2/15/09
Purchase and set up equipment
Interview staff
Hire staff
3. Begin preliminary advertising 2/15/09 (Not yet)
Operate for 1 week unannounced (to get the kinks out, people notice “new” businesses, word of mouth will get out there, be ready)
Notify local newspaper your grand opening will be (no advertising cost, you’ll be swamped!)
4. Purchase and setup equipment 2/15/09 (This is mentioned above.)
5. Open for business 7/1/09

Financial Plan
Balance Sheet
Current Assets:
Building $150,000
5 computer $
Furnishings $5,000 if I go for a good atmosphere, you’ll need more than that probably, unless you get money from the government (you are promoting culture in the end!)
Equipment $1,000
Arlene $5,000
April $4,500
Accounts Receivable
Coffee $1,000
Tea $500
Other Assets
Cups $3,000
Total Current Assets
Accounts Payable (monthly)
Water $200
Phone $150
Electric $500
Donut Vendor $1,000
Warehouse Club $1,000
Coffee Distributor $1,000
Wages $5,000
Advertising $1,000
Taxes Payable
Property Taxes $500
Employee Taxes $2,000
Operating Loans Payable
Startup Loan $500
Printer $ 97
Total Liabilities
$12,947 on going per month
Projected Income
March 05
Coffee $6,000
Tea $2,000
Cookies $1,500
Donuts $2,500
Misc. $4,000
Total Income for March
Total Projected Net Profit (Cost/Benefit)
$3,150 for March
This would assume 20 pots of coffee sold a day, plus an assortment of other items. This also assumes the market will not increase or decrease due to weather or economics. This would be an average month.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Yes you certainly do .

Mary asks…

Can somebody who’s good at writing correct my essay ? (not long ) pls ! urgent!?

The question i choose from the book is When you were a child ,what did you want to be when you grew up ? how did your goal changes as you grew up ?why ?

what i wrote is :

When we were child , our dreams were changeable,because our dreams were affected by the environment we live in and the people around us. As we grew-up , we often found the dream we had
as a child silly or unpractical ,so we may change our dream again . (When I was a child , I want to be a flight attendant ; but it changed to a coffee shop keeper.)-thesis.

When I was a child , I want to be a flight attendant . Because ,When I was a child , my mother took me travel a lot . And during the travel , I was really impressed by the kindness and excellent service of flight attendant , they were always very gentile to me , always asking me if I need a juice or snack. In addition, I also found their uniform sharp and pretty .So , I want to become one of them . But as I grew older , I found out it’s not easy to become a flight attendant. To be a flight attendant , you need to be good-looking ,in good shape, and communicates well .You also have to go through a rigorous training before you canbecome a flight attendant . I know I will never have the skill to become a flight attendant , so I gave up this goal.

Later on , I want to opened a coffee shop of my own . I enjoy spending time in a café and I enjoy drinking coffee . Most important of all, I want to design my own coffee shop . I want to plan how the
Coffee shop looks and how everything is set up inside the coffee shop.

But I change this goal again . Because my mother burst my bubble by saying it’s risky and requires a lot of money to open a coffee shop . She said many coffee shops go out of business in a short time . She insisted me to stop daydreaming and actually thinking about doing something serious ,such as become a nurse.She said it’s more important to get a stable job than doing something else . She said you want to be able to support yourself in the future than dying out of hunger .

I agreed with her that getting a stable job is important . Sometime you have to make a choice between following your dream or getting a stable job . When you grew up , you want to be able to support yourself , so getting a stable job is the only way to achieve this . So, now I’m still exploring.
can anybody check if i capitalize any word or lowercase any word that i’m not suppose have?

GardenersCardiff answers:

When we were children, our dreams were changeable because they were affected by our environment and the people around us. As we grow up, we often find the dream we had as a child is silly or impractical, so we may change it. (When I was a child, I wanted to be a flight attendant, but it changed to a coffee shop keeper.) -Thesis.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a flight attendant because my mother took me traveling a lot . While traveling, I was really impressed by the kindness and excellent service of flight attendants. They were always very gentle to me, often asking if I needed juice or a snack. In addition, I found their uniforms sharp and pretty. But as I grew older, I found out it’s not easy to become a flight attendant. To be a flight attendant, you need to be good-looking, in good shape, and communicate well .You also have to go through rigorous training. I don’t feel I have the skills to become a flight attendant, so I gave up this goal.

Later on, I wanted to open a coffee shop of my own . I enjoy spending time in a café and I enjoy drinking coffee . Most importantly, I want to design my own place, planning how the shop looks and how everything is set up inside it.

Again, I changed my goal because my mother burst my bubble by saying it’s risky and requires a lot of money to open a coffee shop . She said many of them go out of business in a short time. Her advice was that I stop daydreaming and consider doing something serious, such as becoming a nurse. She stressed that it’s more important to get a good-paying, steady job so you know you can support yourself.

I agreed with her that getting a stable job is important . Sometimes you have to make a choice between following your dream or getting a job you can depend on to pay the bills. When you grow up, you want to be able to support yourself, and that is the only way to do so. At this point, I’m still exploring my options. Surely, there is a way to combine a dream and reality, and I‘m confident that I will find it.

Mark asks…

How can a person get over your loved one, although broke up, sleeping with someone else?

We separated a few months prior to her moving out of the house. We made an agreement to stay faithful to each other while we were separated. I stuck to this because I loved her very much. She however went on a dating site called POF and talked to many guys. One guy she talked to for 2 months while still living in the house. Shortly after moving out they were trying to make arrangement to meet. I found this out and she turned into a real bitch. She even had the nerve to meet him on my mother’s birthday and then come and pretend like nothing happened. Anyway, she dated the guy for one month and it was over. She came back to me, leading me to believe that nothing physical happened and we had sex a few times until she actually told me that it isn’t right because she is interested in someone else. I asked her about it and she said that they are just coffee buddies right now but she is interested in him and not sure where it is going. So apparently they started dating after that and he treated her very badly. She slept with him too. Now that may be the way of the world these days but the whole time we were together, 4 years, she never seemed like that at all. So she dated this guy for 2 or 3 months and then ended it because of the treatment. And then guess what? She came running to me again for comfort. She said that she wished she had never left and that she was very ashamed of her actions. She is 37. I kind of wondered if it was her midlife crisis. She has two children that feel like my own. I grew very close to them and love them very much. Anyway, now she wants to possibly make a relationship she says but I get the feeling that I am the poor putz that she runs too when things go bad. I feel that I would only be in her life long enough for her to find the next guy. Now, my sexual morals are very high and I know I am unusual in that area. I am almost 40 and have only been with a few women because I believe you should love before you “make love” or rather have sex. She says that she has never loved anyone like me and probably never will again. That she can’t make any promises for our future. She can’t commit that and I am not asking her too. I have never loved anyone like I loved her. My heart still aches for who I thought she was. I wonder if she is still in there. But I have a problem with her sexually now. She seems contaminated to me somehow. Like my precious flower has turned into a weed. Anyway, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this and the people that I know care about me so much that I don’t feel that the answers I am getting are unbiased. Should I forgive her? Should I give my head a shake? Should I give her time and myself time to see if there is anything there anymore? I look at her and see who I loved. But I also see someone that I don’t know. I feel my trust has been broken. I feel that special bond between us has been torn apart by her sexual antics. I have dated since and the horrible thing is that I can’t find anyone that is on her level of attraction to me. I am talking about intellectual attraction first and physical second. And that statement sound ridiculous being that my questions here may seem trivial to others but somehow they are not to me. I might be a genius but I am not an emotional genius. Please give it to me straight. Thank you all that take the time to answer with thought and understanding. Cheers!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Honey you seem like a pretty decent guy but dont let yourself and your feelings and morals be used as a DOOR MAT, if she really and truly love you or loved you trust me she wouldnt treate you that way… She may love you but not in love with you their is a will be hard but you can do it you just have to give yourself time and space… Shes been in your life in your space and thats what your used too. But change a few things do different things and as time passes it will get easy.. And trust and believe she is contaiminated

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