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   Mar 28

Your Questions About Gardening

Ruth asks…

What kind of flowers and plants are cheap and easy to grow?

I’m in MN.
NEW to gardening!
Moved into a house with no landscape work done at all and made a little flower garden in complete sunlight and was wondering what would work well?
Something easy to care for.
The cheaper the better :)

Some flowers and plants please.
Thank you all are great!!
I live in Minnesota, USA.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Where do you live?

In warm climates you can plant “Inpatients.” i planTed some 8 years ago, they have not stopped blooming. Still shows Great today
but in MN after the last frost date
with full sun,
suggest go to a garden center and pick up some Marigolds, Petunias, for summer planting
ask your garden center about planting tulips, and other bulbs in the fall for early spring flowers
also ask which perennials ( come up evey year)

Laura asks…

How do you make a home-made water feature?

please send me links to easy and cheap home-made water features for my garden. Thank you!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Some home improvement stores offer very inexpensive fake stones along with pumps, easy to set up. Large stones can be back brakers. Have seen fountain systems for less than $100.00. Could cost you more to go out and buy and transport large stones weighing 50 lbs and up.

Nancy asks…

Wheres the best place to get home made hydroponics information?

I am interesting on doing some community improvement project on next meeting and I would like to “teach my community to fish” if you get the idea. I already have a home made hydroponics garden but base my work on books and chemistry, I would like to links for good easier project ideas and keep their own creativity on their own projects.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Information seems to be prevalent on the web by googling “homemade hydroponics”, but here’s a few sites to start you out:

Good luck!

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