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   Nov 26

Your Questions About Gardening

Carol asks…

Anybody have any tips for gardening?

Me and my sister are having a garden competition at home. We are growing watermelons, honeydew melon, and corn. Anyone have any tips for how to grow these things? I have heard that watermelons grow well in sand. Is that true? If it is, how do you do that?

GardenersCardiff answers:

An excellent competition trick, is actually a Native American one. Go to a bait shop and ask if you can have some dead minnows. Dig a hole 6″ deep and a couple feet in diameter. Place a dozen minnows in the hole and cover with 5″ of soil. Now, plant 3-4 corn seeds, 3-4 squash seeds and 3-4 runner bean seeds and cover with the remaining inch of soil. These were called “The Three Sisters” by many tribes but your melons should love it as well. And melons do well in sand if they get enough water. RScott

William asks…

If you are from Maine or anywhere near, can you please give me some good flower gardening tips?

I have never attempted a flower garden before and I would like to start one in my yard.
When do you begin?
What flowers are the easiest to start with.
Any advice would be appreciated.


GardenersCardiff answers:

Well i worked at franks nursery and English gardens, so i would recommend some pansies or some other really hardy plants. Its going to be cold a little longer but not by much. Mostly cold at night. If they are hardy they can last the cold night. They can be under snow and still survive. Make sure that you have good soil though. Get some peat Moss (peat moss has other stuff that will make your soil the best it can be) and some more potting soil because the winter really messes up the soil. I would start as soon as possible because the sooner the better and that looks good for the other people walking by your place. It brightens everything up so much. When you go to by your plants ask for some other plants besides pansies (you want the pansies but you want to see some other choices). Never over load it with too many plants though because it will look ugly. Have fun and talk to you later, boothster

PS. Don’t get them from walmart becuase they buy the cheapest plant around and they don’t have deep roots. You want deep roots becuase they will die after a few weeks. There not worth it. The places i worked were good places to buy them (well not franks because they are out of business) they had deep roots and they lasted all summer. Well panisies get long and stringy in a bout 5-6 weeks, but they are great to start with. Get they smallest ones there. That way you have a long time to grow them. And if they havn’t budded yet, even better. All jokes aside, in the sence of plants, you get what you pay for. Ok talk to you later, bryson

Richard asks…

Best Website For Basic Gardening Tips Based On Specific Plant?

I’d like to make a gardening journal and write down specific care instructions for the plants Im growing-Is there a good website out there that gives detailed growing instructions based on plant?!
Example:Growing Basil, would like to know how often to water, when to repot, how much sun is needed…etc etc


GardenersCardiff answers:

I don’t think there is one website that has comprehensive information for every plant. But if you break down your categories to vegetables, herbs, flowers, houseplants, trees and shrubs, fruits and berries…you’ll find some good sites.

I recommend getting books from the library, too. There are tons of good ones, with photographs and more specific and detailed information than is often included on a website.

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