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   Nov 27

Your Questions About Gardening

Robert asks…

*read* what do you think of my poem type thing *warning its about suicide*?

THIS IS MY PROPERTY!!!! (C) Eleisha 2009. (it was made in 2009)

Fact:1 Suicide Happens Every 40 seconds
Seems like a easy way out,
telling everyone you quit,
couldnt deal with it anymore,
I understand,
I thought of doing it a few times,
maybe i could,
maybe deep down,
I wouldnt,
but lifes so short already,
why dont you try to find the good in the short time?,
hey, its hard, i know,
shoot yourself,
hang yourself,
put the razor to you skin and put a deep short gash,
when your on your last breathe you may even realise,
life is ment to be hard,it isnt ment to be fair,
people putting you down,
judging you,
talking about you,
saying and doing the cruelest things,
why are they so mean?,
we all are gods children,
its your choice,
you will be in gods care early in his garden with your lost loved pets and people,
im not going to judge. but before you do it, please think of what you could be doing in the future partying, having fun and what your leaving behind, crying people.
Maybe the reason you do suicide is because you dont love anyone or no one loves you,
theres nothing exciting in life.
But Hey. Thats Suicide

what do you think??
i dont think its a poem haha.

so yer be a critic but not a hater theres a FINE line between those things.
jonny sure go for it and thanks :D <3

GardenersCardiff answers:

Dude, that is amazing! Do you mind if i keep that to put like on my school binder or something? Im not gonna take credit or anything, i just think its really good (:

Jenny asks…

Sims 3- Do I need to micro-manage?

I made a large family in the Sims 3 to shake things up from my easy 3-4 person families. The family I’m working on has one elder, two adults, a teenager, and a child. This may not sound too hard but only one of the adults works and the budget it very tight. Also, I’m driving myself crazy trying to micro manage every sim to his/her highest level of productivity. Realistically, this isn’t possible. My teenager can’t go to school, come home, do homework, work on skills, cook diner, work in the garden, and be best friends with all of her family members at the same time. So my question is this: what would happen if I let them somewhat fend for themselves? Let them decide when they need to eat or go to the bathroom or even when they need to go to school. Will they be failures at life if I don’t make them nearly master at least one skill before they move out or all the children are A+ students? What things will and won’t they do on their own? I really need help on this because being a control freak over small things like the bladder levels of all 5 people in the house is driving me crazy! Help!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Play sims 2.

Thomas asks…

I want to know about some basic books related to gardening, Can anyone help me?

My hobby is gardening but my knowledge about gardening is very poor. I want to enhance my knowledge regarding it.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Your local nurseries should have a supply of books about your local conditions. The price will be a bit high, comparatively, but theirs no substitute for exacting advice about your own garden conditions. And they usually have sections explaining the basics along with them. I can’t say I have any generalized favorite books. Too many plants in those books that won’t work for my conditions. It’s disheartening. Although, I do like some of the stylistic ideas in Beautiful Gardens Made Easy by Miracle Gro. And if you like Cacti at all, Terry Hewitt wrote an awesome one called Cacti and Succulents.

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