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   Nov 29

Your Questions About Gardening

Joseph asks…

Where can I buy potted herbs to give as gifts?

I’m looking to buy a potted herb set but not from a garden center, something with nice packaging that I could give as a gift. Or maybe a set with the soil in the pots and the seeds. Any ideas where I could find something like this?

GardenersCardiff answers:

You can buy herb plants from

George asks…

Can you use an Olive Garden gift card at Red Lobster or Longhorn Steakhouse?

They are all owned by Darden so I figured it might be possible. I was given an OG gift card but would rather use it somewhere else.

GardenersCardiff answers:

I don’t blame you Olive Garden is the worst place ever. And a lot of people think the same way they said Jessica Simpson ate there and she went into the kitchen to thank the Chef. She thanked the microwave. And yes you can use it like that, its basically like a Wal-Mart gift card you can also use it at Sam’s Club because they are owned by the same company.

William asks…

For my wedding shower favors I am making little gardens for all my guests, what do you think is a good saying?

I am making little garden gifts for all my guests. I want to write something along the lines of watch us grow together. Can anyone think of a good/cute saying?

GardenersCardiff answers:

We did this for ours. I put seeds in a pouch with the following saying “plant these seeds in memory of our wedding. As your flowers grow know that our love too is blooming “

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