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For the Best Gardeners in the Cardiff Area

   Mar 31

Your Questions About Gardening

Paul asks…

What are the tax consequences of growing your own food?

If I grow food for my own personal consumption, do I owe federal income tax on that food? I would apreciate answers from those knowledgeable of the U.S. tax code.

GardenersCardiff answers:

As long as you do not sell it, it is tax free. The only way income tax plays a part of the equation is if you sell your produce, and gross more than $10,000. Food grown for personal consumption has always been tax free.

Lizzie asks…

How many of you will growing your own food to help keep your food costs down?

Or increasing your garden size. I sure am.
Because food prices have increased 24% in the past year and will continue to increase.
I don’t think a 24% increase is small but hey, your opinion.
I have 3 fruit trees too!

GardenersCardiff answers:

I grow a vegetable garden as a hobby not because of the small increases in food costs. Same reason I have fruit trees planted.

It’s just me, my wife and 3 cats to feed and I have yet to see anything close to a 24% increase in food costs.

The grain being used to make ethanol isn’t grain thats grown for human consumption, this still is used as feed grain for livestock and there’s more than enough to feed all livestock and still make fuel.

Mandy asks…

What are the advantages of growing your own food?

What are the advantges of growing fruit and veg in your garden?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Great question!

Here are my ideas:

1. Freshness and taste. This is the best reason to grow your vegetables and fruits. Have you ever tasted corn on the cob that was picked within an hour of harvesting? You won’t soon forget that experience, trust me.

2. No insecticides if you do organic gardening. Why not grow organically? There are ways to make it even easier than using those UGLY pesticide poisons. Try sheet composting, for example. Buy some hay bales and cover your garden with it at the end of the growing season. At the beginning of the next season the ground under the cover will be fresh and loamy. Keep the mulch on the garden year round and avoid weeding your fingers bloody.

3. Exercise. Gardening is a great way to get your much needed exercise. There are thousands of gardeners who are well into their 80′s and still growing great gardens. Perhaps this gives us a clue why we should too?

4. Price is not the issue. In fact, it is questionable if you can save money growing your own food. You will prbably come out even on a pure price comparison with your local grocer. But so what? The other reasons bury the price argument.

5. It is a lot of fun. We need more fun in our lives.

Go Garden has some great pictures of flowers;

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U.S. planning for the income taxOnly Low-Income Americans Feel Growing Dissatisfaction with Federal Income TaxesNew Applebee’s See You Tomorrow Ads (videos)