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   Dec 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Daniel asks…

Garden Nurseries/Catalog House?

Seeking a catalog nursery, the name which begins with “S”. They supply the more unusual bulbs, perenials, shrubs and trees as well as some of the traditionals. It is safe to say that this house is a little more specialized in offering something different. I have recently moved and wanted to find them again that I may include them in my new landscape. Should anyone have a clue I would appreciate their input. I should never have discarded their old catalogs and perhaps should have kept some reminder for myself instead of leaving all the papers with the property I left.

Thank you everyone.

I should add the house I am looking for perhaps handles a little more exotic, expensive, than Spring Hill and Smith and Hawkins is my next in line choice to the house that remains a ghost to me.

Thanks again everyone.


GardenersCardiff answers:

Scheepers? (I think I have the spelling right.) They sell all sorts of bulbs and have a sister company that sells seeds. Van Engelen is connected to them also.

Maria asks…

where can i find shrub-garden catalog in the mid-west?

GardenersCardiff answers:

There are a couple I have used- Springhill Nursery and Breck’s. Both have $25 off a $50 order, and guarantee the plants. If you google those companies, “coupon” shows up with the search results.

Richard asks…

Rose gardening advice?

I received a catalog in the mail yesterday and really am thinking of trying my hand by planting at least one rose bush next season and was wondering if there was any advice for a person just learning about roses and how to care for them? How to prepare the dirt and when to give rose food and how often?

The one that I was looking at to buy is called a Hybrid Tea and has a coral-pink tone to its petals and grows to 5 feet tall and prefers full sun, which I have a lot of.
I live in Zone 5.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Roses are easy! I live in a hot dry climate the temperature here ranges from 20 deg. F to 110 deg. F and I have no trouble in growing them at all.

These are the essentials:

Roses are gross feeders – feed regularly with rose food and manure. Back of packet will tell you the intervals.
Also prepare the bed before you plant with will rotted manures etc. And organic matter.

Pick your roses carefully or get advice from nursery etc regarding hardiness, (Most are hardy but some are sickly or their blooms go to a messy lump if rained on, you don’t want to waste your time on these.) Hybrid Teas are a good choice or David Austin old English Roses if you like the old fashioned type roses.

I water my roses once deeply every 5 to 7 days even in my dry climate. Don’t let them dry out, use mulch. I use a drip system to their roots, this allows deep watering and I’m not contantly watering the leaves which leads to fungus problems. Always water in the morning not at night.

I never spray my roses because I live in a dry climate. If you are in a humid climate or a heavy rainfall area you will have to consider the advice about spraying. If you only have a few roses you can buy ready made mixtures and dusts.

Aphids are the only pest I get and I hose the buds if I get alot with the garden hose. Again always in the morning to avoid too much moisture siting on the foliage (sun drys it up quickly). Lady birds and praying mantis usually arrive in the next day or two and I never need to do it again.

I wouldn’t be put off. They’re not too hard, easy to care for, easy to prune (with instruction – any book or garden show will fix this) and beautiful to look at.

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