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   Jan 26

Your Questions About Gardening

Donald asks…

what does a debut party program include aside from the 18 ancdles, 18 rses and 15 gifts?

I’m about to throm a debut party next week. How do I make it different? What else should I include aside from the 18 roses and candles and gifts? What games can I prepare? It’s gonna be in a small garden with rain-proof covers. guests are in formal attires. What can I do to make the party short but not boring?
that’s 18 candles, 18 roses, and 18 gifts…sorry for the error in spelling. i want a short game but a lively one. i also need the mechanics of the games. No video games please. Preferable can be played by teens or young adults who come in pairs. thanks.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Might be helpful to know where you’re doing this. What part of the world? It’s a big place here!


Jenny asks…

Can you use Applebees gift cards at other restaurants?

For example on an Olive Garden gift card I got, you could use it at Macaroni Grill, and some other affiliates. Does Crapplebees have this type of affiliation with another restaurant chain that you could use the gift card at?

GardenersCardiff answers:

If you can use the gift card at more than one restaurant owned by the same company it will say so somewhere on the card. If you don’t like Applebees and would prefer a gift card for a different restaurant, there are websites where you can sell gift cards for cash or exchange them for gift cards from other companies. If you want to check some of the reputable companies, here is a link with more information:

George asks…

how much money should I put on an olive garden gift card?

whats a good price for a b-day gift card to olive garden?

GardenersCardiff answers:

I usually figure in $15-$20 per person when I give a gift card, with a minumum of $30-$40 (enough for two people). If they have a family then I usually give closer to $70 so they can bring their kids and it will cover some of that, too.

Even if they are single they will more than likely go with somebody so I would think $30 minimum.

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