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   Feb 23

Your Questions About Gardening

Richard asks…

do you think they should make weed legall?

I think the Gov. should the use of weed legal if it is grown and used in the privacy of your own home. what’s your opinion?

GardenersCardiff answers:

I don’t use it but in my opinion it’s a lot better than screwing up your liver with alcohol.

James asks…

is this a reasonable argument about how the government would still make money with weed being legal?

okay guys honestly if weed was legal, how many people would really take the time to grow there own, etc., even if seeds are everywhere.

if you could just go to a shop, and buy any strength/potency type of weed, any time you like, how many of you are really going to go grow your own?

i know i wouldn’t. plus the government can even sell “seedless” weed and just pick it apart a bit before selling so if it’s really good stuff, you have to just go back and buy more since they aren’t giving you seeds to grow your own.

to me it’s like vegetables. anyone can grow their own garden. but the vast majority still shop at stores.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Agreed…and here’s why.
1. As anyone may know, its hard to grow “good” pot, especially in quantity, and its a pretty arduous process at that. The best pot is grown indoors which creates an extraordinary amount of logistical problems. You need irrigation, ventilation and most importantly, a steady source of light. Also, as anyone who knows will tell you, grow houses are usually operated by almost full time employees, constantly tending the plants…its not something you can really do casually, if you want the results to be good.

2. SMELL!. Weed in large quantities SMELLS! And it smells BAD. People might have a plant or two but any more than that and your basically going to have to live, along with the rest of your neighbors, with a horrendous stench 24/7. Most grow houses use some kind of insulation to block the smell from getting out, but even then, its pretty bad. Thats why most grow houses, despite what you’ve seen on “Weeds” are located in remote areas, so the smell doesn’t alert anyone. If you grow a lot the smell can even make you sick and nauseous. And your neighbors will hate you.

3. Weed outdoors is Like a Box of Chocolates. You never know what your going to get. The best pot is not grown from seeds, like jack and the beanstalk, it’s grown from a process called hybridization which is basically where you graft one type onto another type. Plant a seed of a Northern Lights, or your favorite “brand”, and what sprouts up isn’t going to be exactly what you bargained for. It might be completely different. It just doesn’t work that way.

4. Everybody loves Variety…or maybe not. There are literally tens of thousands of different kind of weed. People who grow one kind are going to have a lack of variety. Legalized pot shops however will have tons of variety available to purchase at any quantity from small to large. This, in my opinion, above all else, will eliminate everyone growing there own farm of reefer. People simply will want to sample all the different stands, just like wine afficionados.

5. You dont make everything now. Sure you can grow your own tomatoes, brew your own beer, etc. But you dont. You can make everything from food to computers by yourself, but this simply isn’t what people do anymore. People get paid to make things, and people buy those things. Its called civilization. When weed becomes legal, it will be no different.

So yes…basically, I believe that government taxation and regulation would work…and that people won’t simply grow there own. Give your homie best answer!

Daniel asks…

whats up with the bud?

i hear on the ballot they are going to put you are allowed to grow weed in your own home… but selling it you get the same charges…
and i hear obama is for it… go him!
is this true?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Hrm that would be nice :)

perhaps than the canadian goverment won’t be so pressured by you crazy americans to make harsher penelties

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