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   Feb 26

Your Questions About Gardening

Donna asks…

So people say that hip-hop heads take music too seriously…?

Let’s see about that.

RHH1: Do you make fun of your own music taste? If so, how specifically? Are there artists that take up room in your library but are still the butt of your own jokes? Which ones? Are you stuck in the past and fully aware of it? Do you laugh at how one-dimensional or, possibly, ridiculously open-minded and all-over-the-place you are musically? Something else maybe? Shoot.

RHH2: Can you poke fun at someone else’s music taste in a good-natured way? Or does it turn ugly more often than not? Or do you avoid talking music altogether? If so, do you avoid music discussions because you don’t want confrontation, or do you avoid because you don’t want to talk about artists other people like that you think are crap?

RHH3: When was the last time someone else made fun of your music taste? How’d you take it? How often does stuff like this happen, and do you always react the same way, or have you grown to respond to jeering differently? If it’s never happened to you, is this because people don’t know about your musical taste, or just because you’ve happened to share the same tastes with everyone you’ve talked with?
@Spider-Man: Yes, I definitely know what you’re talking about. But hip-hop heads have a different (worse) reputation (at least from my experience) because hip-hop is at the forefront of music. When a metalhead doesn’t like Wayne it’s like “Well ok, no one really cares what you think because you’re in your little music bubble”. But when a hip-hop head doesn’t like Wayne it’s like “You actually listen to hip-hop and you don’t like him? You must be taking music too seriously.”

GardenersCardiff answers:

RHH1: I listen to OJ Da Juiceman, so I don’t really judge other people’s taste. I listened to him at first as a joke but turns out I like some of his stuff. For the most part though I like pretty much every sub-genre of rap.

RHH2: Yea, but I tend not to since people take it personally way too much. I don’t really bother talking about music in real life since most people aren’t up on the sh*t I like anyway.

RHH3: Probably on here. There are some trolls that are making fun of me because I like Three 6 Mafia.I don’t take it personally, and don’t really care either way. This usually happens whenever someone gets mad at me on Y!A and tells me I can’t talk about rap because I like mainstream artists, and don’t acknowledge the fact that 90% of the sh*t I listen to is underground. But it’s the internet, so I really couldn’t care less how a couple of letters and avatars say about what I like.

Michael asks…

How do I get my parakeet to come out of his cage more?

I had a parakeet growing up that LOVED to get out of his cage. He was also easy to train and when we would open up the cage door, he would hop down on your finger and get out. He had free roam of the house (after his wings grew out, they were never clipped again). He loved to be near us and would fly to your shoulder to hitch a ride and see what you were up to.

He died about a year after I graduated high school (I had him since middle school). I loved that bird so much. He was like my little brother.

I am 24 years old now, married, no kids or other pets, so I decided to get another parakeet to see if it would help me. I still, to this day, grieve over the loss of my parakeet, Taco.

The parakeet I have now is not very tame. He doesn’t have a very open, loving personality like Taco did (I sometimes wonder if he is a she and maybe that’s why there is a difference). Anyway, he stays in his cage 99% of the time. Sometimes he will act like he wants out of his cage. If you open the cage door and step back a few feet, he will come out on his own. After he is out, he will get on your finger and even ride around on your shoulder. He has even sat with me while I watched TV and will chew on my hair or shirt or something. He just has to get out on his own.

Anyway, how do I train him to hop onto my finger? If I stick my hand in the cage he panics and runs away from it. He needs to get out of the cage to get excercise. The one thing in his favor is that his cage is rather large (the biggest parakeet cage they had), so he can flap his wings and stretch.
Oh, and I have had my new parakeet, Sunny, at least 2 months now, probably going on 3.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Just spend more time with it. Hold it more and when you are holding it give it some treats or something like that.

George asks…

Im going to submit this short story to a magazine, its a bit long but please give me your thoughts?

The U.S. Capitalist System

Deep in the jungles of Africa, a group of measly crickets gather to feast upon a food-producing plant. These crickets have all experienced there own misfortunes. One had lost a leg, another an antenna, and another its sack of eggs. The only reason they’re still able to survive is for the food-producing plant. If not for such plant, all the crickets would die, and yet, these plants are becoming extinct.

Waiting in the bushes not so far away from the crickets is the Goliath Frog. His only desire is to eat all the crickets of the world and, with every cricket murderously devoured, he feels closer to his goal.

Suddenly, the Goliath Frog see’s an opportunity and lunges upon the food producing plant and inhales it into his mouth. The crickets, utterly shocked, can only run in terror as they watch the Goliath Frog down their prized find. But their feelings of terror grow ten fold as the Goliath Frog began to pursue them.

The crickets ran and ran, but they all knew their death was inevitable. One cricket began to slow his pace. It was the one who had lost a leg, and while slowing his pace he began to say a speech with tears in his eyes…

“I just can’t keep living like this. I’ve been alive for 12 weeks. 12 WHOLE WEEKS. It’s a miracle that I’ve been able to survive for so long…but I just can’t…I just…”

The Goliath Frog gobbles up the cricket before he could finish his speech. The frog seemed pleased to eat such an evasive meal, while the crickets grew despondent. Some crickets, crying hysterically, just stopped running and welcomed the Goliath Frog’s gluttonous rampage with open arms.

The Goliath Frog feasted upon the lessoning group of crickets until only one was left. It was the one who had lost its sack of eggs. The Goliath Frog leaped into the air and landed right in front of the cricket. The cricket, seeing how he had no other option began to plea for his life while sobbing uncontrollably…

“Why are you doing this!?!?!? I’ve lost my sack of eggs, and am in the process of making more, cant you just spare my life?!?!? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?!?!?!?!!?!!?”

The Goliath Frog began to look back on his time spent in this world. For his entire life he has been eating poor defenseless insects with such animosity. He then proceeded to eat the pathetic cricket. He had no remorse.

It was not long until the Goliath Frog consumed all the crickets and all the food-producing plants of the world. He has grown to the size of an adult goat and yet he was still not satisfied with himself. The goliath Frog then thought of the most perfect idea. He had to make sure that he was the biggest frog. So, he hopped around the jungle looking for where other Goliath Frogs lived. He found a couple that were as big as small dogs, none larger then him, and quickly consumed them.

This consumption of food caused a ridiculous growth spurt. The Goliath Frog was now as big as an adult giraffe and yet he was still not satisfied with himself. He still wanted to be larger; he wanted to tower over all the other animals. So, he hopped around and ate every single donkey and elephant.

The Goliath Frog was then happy, as he is truly the biggest animal on earth. He was equivalent to the size of the New York Stock Exchange building. But, he feels sick; such a big intake of food can’t do any good for anyone, including the Goliath Frog. Suddenly, the Goliath Frog vomits his innards, and dies.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Don’t. I can absolutely guarantee rejection by any staffer who reads a complete paragraph.

It contains a blatant error which proves you have not bothered to proofread, or have not mastered the necessary skills.

Besides, the subtlety which might make such a story work is lacking.

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