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   Mar 23

Your Questions About Gardening

Nancy asks…

How to build a greenhouse?

I would like to build a wooden greenhouse this autumn/winter. We have space for a lean-to against the fence (about 6′ x 4′). I will use for over wintering tender plants and sowing seeds in the spring. We have electricity in the garden so can heat it. Are there any websites out there with downloadable plans? Whats the best wood to use? How do we put grooves in wood for glass? Is glass better than plastic? Any feedback, experiences, suggestions – welcomed!
I dont want to buy a plastic framed greenhouse – I want to build a wooden one

GardenersCardiff answers:

I built one two years ago using glass and polycarbonate for the top.I didn’t have a level spot in my yard so the whole thing was mounted on skids and can be moved.
Things that should be considered:1. Smaller greenhouse’s are harder to climatize,they heat up and cool down faster.2. Location is paramount you will find that the winter and summer months vary as far as the sun’s direction is concerned.3.materials that are commonly used is redwood,for those on a budget this is not always feasiable.If you have a bare floor you would be better of using it though rather then pressure treated.Otherwise use pressure treated it can be used because of the avialibilty and standard wood size.Try to find a salvage supplier for you glass this can save you hundreds of dollars.Just know before hand the deminsions you need.4.framing is important for the sides that the glass will be installed but simple to do.You dont have to cut grooves for it just split a 2 x 4 allowing for the glass thickness screw one piece on the wall stud inside, apply silicone place the glass then do the outside the same way.The most difficult part is keeping you frame squared and braced, over do it with gussets on the four corners.If your building a lean to,the roof should be easy.If not use joist hangers on 2 x 4′s using perlons and foam stripping again using gussets for the peaks.I just went to some sites and looked to see how they were constructed,made a few modifacations and have a heated, vented and timed watering system for about 800 bucks. Hope this helps…

Thomas asks…

What is the best web coding language for a non-Engineer to learn?

I am a non-programmer with lots of internet business ideas and I want to learn an easy language to play around and make websites in. What’s the best language/tools to learn to get started making websites real quick? And what resources/books/sites do you recommend?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Alright, just to start with layouts and such, you’re going to need to know HTML pretty well. Don’t worry though, you can pick up the essentials in an afternoon.

However, if you *just* use HTML, you’re likely to end up with a website that looks as though it were made circa 1996, so look into CSS (cascading style sheets). If you’re serious about designing good looking sites have a look at the book “CSS Zen Garden”, and the corresponding website.

Those two are pretty much just design and layout languages, and both are easy enough to learn. If you want to create a high level of user interactivity in your websites, things get a lot harder. In that case, you’re going to be looking at one of the following:
Ruby on Rails

none of which are exactly simple to learn. If you’re serious about creating websites and have a good business model, it would be worth teaming up with a professional developer to get the back-end programming done. If you just want to learn to create your own sites, stick with HTML and CSS.

Sandy asks…

What are some really good songs I can sing?

I am interested in songs I can sing a capella, or songs with easy-to-find (emphasis on easy) sheet music for the piano, or songs with easy-to-find karaoke backround music online. Thanks, all halp appreciated. :-)

GardenersCardiff answers:

Gloria Estefan/Miami Sound machine—
Here we are
I need your love
Words get in the way
You made a fool of me
I need a Man
Love me

Before the dawn
Good enough
Fields of innocence
My last breath
Like you

Top of the world
Rainy days and Mondays
Close to you
For all we know
I just fall in love again
Only Yesterday
I won’t last a day without you
This Masquerade
When I fall in love
Yesterday once more
Hurting each other
You’re the one

Sarah Brightman—
Only an ocean away
Who wants to live forever
Dust in the wind
Deliver me
Wishing you were somehow here again (Phantom)
Whiter Shade of pale
Beautiful day
Ship of fools
When it rains in America
Another suitcase in a another hall (evita)

The power of goodbye
Crazy for you
Live to tell
True blue
Take a bow
Papa don’t preach

Charlotte Church—
All the pretty little horses
Ave Maria
O Holy Night
Bridge over troubled Water
Just wave hello

Meadows of Heaven
Cadence of her last breath

Ella Fitzgerald–
A tisket a tasket
How high the moon
The man I love
Dream a little dream
More than you know

Acid queen–Tommy
Smash the mirror–Tommy
If I loved you—Carousel
Love Changes everything—Aspects of love
Making Whoopee (Whoopee & Fabulous Baker Boys)
My Funny Valentine (Babes in arms & Fabulous Baker Boys)
Que Sera Sera (whatever will be will be)—Doris Day (The Man who know too much)
Getting to know you—The King and I
Hello, Young lovers—The King and I
I could have danced all night—My Fair Lady
I dreamed a dream—Les Miserables
Summertime—Porgy & Bess
Bali Hai—South Pacific
Happy Talk—South Pacific
Gonna wash that man right out of my hair—South Pacific
Children will listen—Into the woods
Castle on a cloud—Les Miserables
There are worse things I could do—Grease
Hopelessly devoted to you—Grease
It’s raining on prom night–Grease
I’d give my life for you—Miss Saigon
Lost in your Eyes-Debbie Gibson
Foolish Beat—Debbie Gibson
Saving all my love for you—Whitney Houston
Love take time—Mariah Carey
Vision of love—Mariah Carey
Music Box—Mariah Carey
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps—Doris Day (from Strictly ballroom)
Take my breath away—Thompson Twins (Top Gun)
The Rose—Bette Midler
A dream worth keeping –Sheena Easton (Fern Gully)
I can’t make you love me—Bonnie Raitt
I turn to you—Christina Aguilera
Son of a preacher man—Dusty Springfield
Gypsies, tramps and thieves—Cher
You were meant for me—Jewel
Rose garden—Lynn Anderson
White Rabbit—Jefferson Airplane
Whatever Lola Wants—Sarah Vaughn
Save the best for last—Vanessa Williams
Accentuate the postitive—Andrews Sisters
Embraceable you—Billie Holiday
Stormy weather—Billie Holiday
Nice work if you can get it—Billie Holiday
Ten cents a dance—Ruth Etting
Honeysuckle rose—Anita O’Day
Stop the wedding—Etta James
This kiss—Faith Hill
Breathe—Faith Hill
Cry—Faith Hill
I could fall in love—Selena
I honestly love you—Olivia Newton-John
Gypsy—Fleetwood Mac
Rhiannon—Fleetwood Mac
The Chain—Fleetwood Mac

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