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   Apr 11

Your Questions About Gardening

Lisa asks…

Why do people say marijuana wouldn’t generate taxes because it could be home-grown?

I’ve been reading a lot of people saying that the theoretical tax revenues generated by legalizing cannabis would not exist, because everyone would simply be growing their own. Don’t those people know that tobacco is a plant that grows just as naturally as cannabis? I don’t hear of many people planting, harvesting, drying, and curing their own tobacco simply because they can.

I don’t smoke tobacco, though it seems more convenient to just go pick up a pack of state-taxed smokes than to grow your own.

GardenersCardiff answers:

That makes no sense at all. People can make a lot of things on their own, but don’t. Have you seen this thing called a restaurant? Of course people can make their own food at home, yet night after night, these places are filled! People can make their own bread, but why bother when the market has it available for such a good price?

Donald asks…

Is it legal to grow tobacco in the United States?

If you had it growing in your yard, for your own use, or for use (free) by people who would otherwise ask for cigarette money, is it legal?
Thanks to you all. I think we have a near-concensus that it can be grown with little trouble (legally), but that selling it involves more complication. I think several answers are “good” but must pick only one “best”.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Yes legal. In fact i had some about christmas that a local guy grew. He needs to work on the curing process, but it is legal to grow, however not to sell. You would need a tax stamp for that and that may be difficult. Farmers do grow it evey year in several states.

Thomas asks…

I am getting very concerned about the price of cigarettes, so I was just wondering?

Is it legal to grow your own cigarette tobacco, and if so where could I get the seeds or plants?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Just about any seed catalogue can offer you tobacco seeds at a cheap price. Growing the tobacco itself doesn’t help much, even if you can grow it without the blights tobacco in itself is subjective to. It’s all in the curing of it that comes part and parcel of the deal. It’s certainly legal to grow your own tobacco, which I find curious as cannabis (aka marijuana) is in itself an indigenous herb grown in the “wild” but still remains prohibitive according to the the FDA regs. I’ve grown my own tobacco and even gone so far as to try and cure it on my own via text-book directions, but it’s always ended up being non-smokeable. Unless you really like that lung-burning and raw sensation. If you’re able to connect with people “in the know”, I’d say either give it up or just pay the price.

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