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   Apr 21

Your Questions About Gardening

Mandy asks…

What do you do if your boy friend keeps asking you for money?

He asks for money for weed. Like its okay. He just ask me for money like hay can I have some money. Like it grows on tree or some thing. It’s driving me crazy. I mean if you want to spend Money on weed get a job support your own habit. Or quit.

GardenersCardiff answers:

So basically your paying him to be your boyfriend….. Dump that loser

Donald asks…

Why does everyone care so much that weed be legalized?

1st off, the Govt will end up putting a sin tax on it and making it even more expensive than it is now.

2nd They’ll probably make the penalties even tougher for growing your own so that you will be even more afraid and have to buy theirs.

3rd Now we got a bunch of inexperienced smokers out there driving around and acting stupid.

4th They’ll probably make you register or something so they can keep track of who does what.

I mean it makes absolutely no sense! In most (if not all) states it’s a misdemeanor as long as you only have enough for personal use anyway. So it’s not like you’re going to get into big trouble with the way it is now.

Is it just because there are so many people who want to smoke but are afraid because it’s illegal so they want it legalized? It would be treated just like alcohol so oyu wouldn’t be able to drive while smoking or walk down the street or fire up at the local Wal Mart.

Please help me understand why legalizing is better.

wiseguy – less than an ounce you won’t. And is the cop coming to your house?
tyranus – when it’s legal you’ll pay $400. That’s my point.
Anyone who thinks that the weed will cheaper when legalized is insane and there is no guarantee that you will see any of it back OR have any other taxes reduced. I already pay $20 for a case a beer that costs $2 to make due to taxes and the same thing would happen with weed.

Also, if you think they would let you just “grow on your own” you’re crazy. That would take $$$ out of there pockets and the growing of tabacco is not a good analogy. Who the hell grows their tobacco now to avoid buying cigs.

I guess I’m just old school and like it just the way it is. Whether it’s legal or not had no effect on me now and legalizing it would only make it owrse for me. And yes…..It’s all about me! I don’t know you people.
Some of you guys are clueless. Since when has the Govt EVER done something that more a benefit to you than to them? You guys are in dreamland and we they ever do you will see and be like “Dammit! why couldn’t we just keep it underground like we used to!”
Don’t you ever wonder why you pay $150 bucks for $20 worth of prescription pills? THE US GOVT IS WHY
But you can buy them much cheaper elsewhere but it is illegal! You seeing the correlation now?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Think about it, if it’s legalized the government will charge big time taxes and make mucho dinero and they can help pay your SS wages when you retire but the best part is, the dope dealers won’t make any money out of it anymore and that will be worth it all.

Charles asks…

how and what are best ways of making your own liquid fertiliser using the outside rain barrel ?any hints?

liquid fertilizers?anyone got any good recipes for using garden cuttings in my rain barrel,to help fertilize my garden plants and lawns.dont grow any brassicas or veg, only garden plants and weeds. can weeds be used to help make a fertilizer? or is it best to just use grass and plant leaf cuttings.?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Hi the best liquid fertiliser is sheep’s droppings,collect in a sack, fill your water barrel with water,then hang your sack in the water and await the brew,about 4/5 weeks,you could also use horse dropping,grass cutting and any other green vegetation can be used in a compost heap but this takes much longer to break down have two, then you can spread them over two years,it all work good gardening John

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