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   Apr 22

Your Questions About Gardening

Susan asks…

Starting Vegetable Garden in February South Texas?

I live in S. Texas and would like to start a vegetable garden. It’s February and I don’t know where I should start or how to begin. What should I plant, etc. Please help.

GardenersCardiff answers:

To start a vegetable garden, you really have to plan it:

“Planning a vegetable garden is not difficult though, so we’ll go through an overview of each step here for you.

1. What vegetables do you want to grow? Knowing which vegetables you want to grow in your garden is the first step in planning. There’s really no use planting things you will not use yourself, unless you plan to give vegetables away or sell them.

Most people start vegetable gardens for their own personal use though. And starting simple and small is usually best, so try selecting five to ten of your family’s favorite vegetables to get started with, then you can grow from there each year.

2. Where will your vegetable garden be? The location of your vegetable garden is an important decision that needs to be made in the planning stage. Not only do you need to plan for enough room to grow all the vegetables you want in your garden, but you also need to plan the space based on how much sunlight it gets throughout the day, and how easy it will be to get water to the garden.

Most vegetable gardens need at least five hours of sunlight each day in order to grow abundant amounts of healthy produce. If you don’t plan the location well, you may end up with no vegetables to harvest from your garden because there’s not enough sunlight or water for the plants to grow.

Since you planned your vegetables already in the first step of this process, you should have a good idea of how much sun and water each of them will need. And this in turn will help you with planning the location for your vegetable garden.

3. How large will your garden be? This ties in closely with planning the location of your vegetable garden, because you must make sure you have enough space for the amount of vegetables you intend to grow.”

I found the above tips on the following site:

It’s a huge gardening site with tons of information on vegetable gardening as well as gardining in general

Nancy asks…

How Have you contributed to saving the planet in the struggle against Global Warming?

I cant say that I have made a start yet but Its been on my mind a lot because of the media coveage on the topic as well as the obvious change in weather patterns we are experiencing.

Well last week I planted 2 rose trees in my garden but I hardly think it was enough.

GardenersCardiff answers:

I don’t consider that I have done anything,because I consider this as a lifestyle and not a “save the planet” thing.Recycle,reuse,redo that can apply to most anything you can buy.So it all lasts much longer and is more usable keeping your garbage down.However as lots more of us do that prices will go up even more because less is being bought,there are no easy answers anymore,we each just have to figure out whats works best and stick with it.And still keep some level of comfort,with me its not about owning things but to have some comfort in my home,without waste as much as possible.I don’t like the new light bulbs they will have to get much better before I do them completely.Its not saving money if every light in the room on just to read a book.Congratulations on the roses,the bees love them(we need the bees)they will be beautiful,your enjoyment,and every little thing helps.Bless you.

Chris asks…

What can I make with zucchini and squash?

My friend has a huge garden, and he gave me a bunch of vegetables. I tried growing some over the summer and failed miserably…I guess he felt sorry for me or something. Anyway, I’m only going to be home until Tuesday and I need to use all of it by then, because I know the rest of my family won’t and it will end up rotting.

I just want to make something that will be quick and easy. I have a lot of it so I’ll need to make multiple things.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Well, Zucchini Bread is always good to make. I liked this recipe, it was moist and tasty: ***EDIT*** I found a better recipe, when I made it, it was absolutely perfect. Http://
You could make a casserole; with chicken, rice, condensed soup, and of course your zucchini and squash. I like making casseroles because I can play around with the ingredients; I usually add broccoli and green beans, and top mine with cheese :)

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