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   Apr 23

Your Questions About Gardening

Nancy asks…

I need 6 quotes from the book MIdnight in the garden of good and evil with the chapter where i can find it.?

Also, does anyone know the plot of the story???

GardenersCardiff answers:

I’m doing this from memory. The last time I read the book was a few years back. Bear with me…

Below, two links to get you started. The book is copyrighted material and unless you go to a bookstore and buy it, it will be a little hard to come by. I do not know of any book sites where an electronic version might be available. A used book store might have a copy. The story is a true life crime drama. It was based on real events in Savannah, Georgia. Jim Williams, a local celebrity, an antique dealer, shot and killed another man and went to trial 4 times. He was finally acquitted in the 4th trial and a short time later was found dead, probably from a heart attack. In the book, an architectural publication sends a writer to do a story on Jim Williams as a feature for the magazine. While the writer is researching the article, Williams shoots and kills Billy, an assistant. The rest of the book goes into the way the writer helps do research for the defense lawyer, a lot of which is used to gain the acquittal. No one knows the real story of what happened, as Williams never talked. The case was circumstantial, but from what I read, if accurate, Williams murdered Billy out of a lover’s quarrel. In the movie, it is clearly depicted as murder with Williams firing the first shot and then covering up the crime by using another gun to make it look like Billy had fired first and Williams was defending himself. As the viewer, we see what happened, but the characters in the movie do not have this knowledge. Eventually, it dawns on the writer what must have happened when Williams proposes a hypothetical situation to the writer while he is considering pleading out on a lesser charge. At this point, his lawyer finds a technicality about gunshot residue which means Williams will be acquitted, so Williams takes it all back, refuses the plea deal and is acquitted. In the movie they show what appears to be a heart attack in his study and he imagines he sees Billy. The book, and later the movie, put a certain graveyard in Savannah on the map because of a statue of a girl holding scales, whose picture was used on the book cover. It was a fascinating book, and an even better movie. In this answer, I’ve mixed and matched from the book and movie and real events. I can’t look up any quotes because I loaned my copy to a friend and have not gotten it back. The movie was directed by Clint Eastwood. His daughter played on of the parts, the girl the writer meets and becomes friend with. The writer is played by John Cusak and Jim Williams by Kevin Spacey, which is one of his finest performances in my opinion. A number of people in the movie are real people, the high society of Savannah, playing themselves. Most notable of people playing themselves, the Lady Chablis. Sorry, but this, my answer, is a poor substitute for reading the book for yourself, or the news stories from archives, or even seeing the movie for that matter.

Chris asks…

How can the McCanns justify the ‘like eating in the garden’ quote?

Sorry, this is still bugging me!

Is it really okay for Gerry to keep comparing eating at the Tapas Bar with eating in the garden.

I ask this as their apartment had its own private garden, so having a meal there obviously would be like eating in the garden. Going to the Tapas Bar would be like what it really was – going down the pub?
Thanks, that’s the point I’m trying to make. If it really HAD been like eating in the garden, they’d have been eating in the apartment’s garden and Madeleine would be here today. She wouldn’t have been ‘abducted’ or wandered off.

Lexy – regarding the baby listening service. I can see your comprarison, but when you carried out your duties in Spain, you had keys to the apartments. The children were locked inside – the McCann toddlers were totally unprotected in an unlocked and open doored apartment. It’s also been well documented that the McCanns never used the creche facility at the Tapas Bar (Why? They were going there anyway) or the baby sitting facility provided by Mark Warner. Lulled into a false sense of security – you can bet that their passports were locked in the office safe and Gerry’s wallet was in his back pocket – not in the open doored apartment.
Bobby L : ‘well within the bounds of responsible parenting’ eh. This comment astounds me. Not only is he continuing to believe that they did nothing wrong, he’s giving off the signal that it’s ok for us all to do it and that he would do it again. These fact finding missions really make me laugh – he should look closer to home and practice what he preaches. Such an arrogant hypocrite – and the risk of them doing it all over again.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Exactly. You have hit the nail on the head. There is no comparison between the two. IF they had been in the garden, they would have known exactly what happened to their daughter. I have a pub at the end of my street, about 100 yards from my house, I can’t see my front door or anything OF my house from there, but would it be OK for me to leave my 2 kids home alone while I went for a beer? Nope. IMHO, it is never excusable to be off the property while your children are inside. And as for doing it for four nights in a row? (Backed up by evidence from local residents and other holiday makers) They might have just put a bloody sign on the door saying “children yourself”. Poor, poor Maddie is not the victim of a one minute oversight or mistake, she is the victim of complacent parents who should have known better. (And before I get the whole “Blame the abductor” stuff, let’s just face facts, there is no evidence of an abduction thus far, merely a disappearance. IF they can prove she was abducted, I hope they find the B**tard and make him suffer, but until then I fail to see how anyone can be so sure she was kidnapped)

Sharon asks…

What are some good autism slogans, quotes?

Hi, I am a mother of an autistic son. I love crafts and am thinking about making a rustic garden sign to do with Autism Awareness!
I would love to hear some of your favorite short quotes, sayings, slogans that you have came up with or heard before!!

Something like, “Staring won’t cure my son’s Autism.”

Thank you all in advance!!

GardenersCardiff answers:

“We live in your world, but play in ours:
“Stim team”

I came up with those.

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