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   Apr 25

Your Questions About Gardening

Mandy asks…

What are good solar lights for indoors?

I brought five garden solar lights from the dollar store, but they are not bright enough to bring indoors. I am looking for something that is affordable and can brighten up the room without the need of electricity in the apartment– not a home. I am not interested to buy expensive solar panels that you can put onto the roof. I live in an apartment! It has to be portable! It would be helpful if you give me a link and which kind of brand works the best.
I live in a sunny climate. I can have them to sit by the windows. I just like the idea of saving electricity at night. That’s all..

GardenersCardiff answers:

If you’ve been looking at solar lights, the question of what are the brightest solar lights has probably crossed your mind. While solar lights have a lot going for them, they have a reputation for not being the brightest bulbs on the block. If you like the benefits of solar lighting and are determined to find some that will shine brightly in your yard, good for you. You’ve come to the right place.

Not all solar lights are made equal. It used to be that solar lights were unreliable, dim and limited in design. Some of the cheaper choices available today are still perpetuating these problems on the unsuspecting homeowner that is trying to be environmentally conscious by installing solar lighting. Luckily, there have been technological breakthroughs for solar lighting that are addressing these issues.

Even with these initial drawbacks, solar lighting has been growing in popularity. They are affordable for most budgets, easy to install and don’t add to your electric bill. There are now solar lights that fit almost every need for the homeowner, including accent lights, path lights and task lights.

George asks…

What type of fun toys can I make at home for my 8 month old?

She is getting bored of all her toys and to give me something to do (on maternity leave so I am at home all day) I thought it would be fun to make some fun toys for her to play with.

Any ideas on what I can make with household objects?

I have made a rattle with an old water bottle and lentils which she likes. I blow bubbles with dishwashing liquid and we walk around the garden touching the flowers and trees.

What else can I do?

Thanks :)

GardenersCardiff answers:

Children love when you talk to them they learn communication and understanding. Puppets out of socks or any material.

Sometimes it is hard for an adult to talk funny like a baby or make silly sounds but it works for children. I always felt if what I do puts a smile on my daughters face then that’s the way to go (she is know 24) sometimes the dumber you get the better. You can take pieces of wood all kinds of shapes (make sure they are sanded and not treated with any kind of chemicals) and sizes and stack & build. Balls are a never ending fun. Kids at this age love to let things drop of their high chair it is to see what is going to happen (not to piss you off because you have to go pick it up) everytime it lands on the floor it creates a different motion and this entertains, and entreegs them to do it again A LEARNING PROCESS
At this age I found was the most fun (still never easy & always tireing to raise children) and responsive and rewording.
If you give them love and attention teach them right from wrong and provide for them thats all a parent needs to do, just do the best you can do and they will love you back.

You sound like you are a good parent and are interested in doing good. I’m a mother and I have to tell you this believe it and do not forget this!!!!!!! Children grow upto fast. At first you might not think so cause you wish they can get themselves into the car seat themselves or you wish they did’nt need help brushing teeth or getting dressed.But the day will come when you wish that you had that time again NO MATTER WHAT I prommise you this

PLEASE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN Enjoy NOW you can never get it back.
Have fun enjoy I’m so jelous I would love to know more I have thousands of ideas. I would love to know where you are I can send clothes, toys,BOOKS. E-Mail me
or I would love to help
Just someone who enjoys people that love kids and animals

Cathy Sorry spell check is off and I stink at spelling so I’m sending anyway GOOD LUCK

William asks…

What do I need to know about gardening?

I’ve never tried to grow my own fruits or veggies, but I want to try. I bought carrot seeds, tomato seeds, strawberries that already have the root coming out, and lettuce seeds. I bought a container that has 32 small pots in it, and I have some other small pots. I planted a few seeds in each container with organic soil, that said it was specifically made for vegetables and fruits. I live in Pennsylvania, so the plants will have to stay inside until the weather gets warmer. I have a few questions:

Do I add fertilizer to any plant, or just certain plants? If so, will I need to add it to the vegetables or fruits?

How do I add fertilizer? Do I just pour it ontop of the soil, or do I dig up some of the soil and put the fertilizer inside?

Do I ever need to change the soil?

How big of a container will I need once the leaves start to sprout?

Any other advice will be great.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Fertilizer all plants, including the seedlings. It’s simplest to mix it with the potting soil before planting, but you can still add it.

Outside pour fertilizer on top. Most fertilizers don’t need mixing but with those that do you pour it on top, then mix it in a little with a garden tool. The package will say if you need to mix it and how deep.

I would suggest an organic fertilizer to supply micronutrients and to reduce the need for pesticides. Till the soil each season. Keep it weeded. Water regularly but only when it is dry 1/4″ below the surface (dig a little with your finger); damage from over-watering is a common mistake. An automatic watering system is easier. That’s about all you need to do.

For something extra, the more yard waste you scatter on top the better, even a few inches thick, whether during the planting season or between seasons. But don’t bury waste that has not yet decomposed, or it will compact and harden the soil as it breaks down and shrinks. Let the earthworms & roly-polies decompose and bury it themselves. The waste will help keep weeds down and the decomposed waste will make the soil soft and wonderful for the plants’ health & flavor.

Tomatoes and other vines will be easiest to grow. You stick them in the ground and they spread like wildfire. Get tomato cages or trellises for the tomatoes. For other vines look into cucumbers, melons, squash, pumpkins, etc. Carrots, strawberries and lettuce are a bit more difficult. Carrots are hardest to get started but once you have some good sized seedlings from careful care on moisture & warmth they’re easy from there. Harvest lettuce when it is young; better too early than too late and baby lettuce is tastier anyway. Old lettuce that is about to flower is bitter and inedible. Clean lettuce well before eating.

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