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   Apr 13

Your Questions About Gardening

Thomas asks…

Which are the major gardening supplies retailers in Australia?

I am doing a marketing assignment about gardening,
can anyone tell me names of the major gardening supplies retailers in Australia?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Bunnings and Mitre 10 are the two biggest ones I can think of. Bunnings especially is huge and have massive garden centres in most states in Australia.

Susan asks…

Would like to know BEST catalog sites for ordering gardening supplies….?

I was wondering if anyone could let me know a few of the BEST sites to order seeds, sets, gardening supplies online? I know if you ask several different people, you’ll get several different answers, but what are the few BEST known, reputable and INexpensive places to purchase seeds, sets, or anything for your garden?

I have heard before that there are about 4 or 5 really good places, can anyone relay them to me…or their sites? Thanks SO much in advance!


GardenersCardiff answers:

Try this site. I’ve dealt with these people for almost 50 years.


The Muse

(didn’t I just answer this question?)

Daniel asks…

What is the best way to get free gardening supplies?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Other gardeners tend to be very generous to each other, as i have found since starting plant growing when i was a kid and people donated so much to me. I now return the favor and donate much to others, including plants and advice.

Plants are easily reproduced from cuttings and seeds or by division, allowing you to grow your collection at different times of the year. This way you can expand your range of plants for just a few pennies, such as the cost of hormone rooting products and possibly some potting soil.
Ive often helped others with garden care, such as watering or tending plants when someone is away from home, and grateful people will often repay with some garden material gifts.

Otherwise, if you see plants in someone’s garden that you like, speak to the home owner and ask about them-they may let you have some or at least give you some information about them.

Look on the internet for freecycle type groups that donate old
home goods to others-this way you may pick up garden tools, plants etc for the cost of going to pick them up.
Overall – keep your eyes open for what you see around you and like. Keep talking to others, be willing to share or offer to help. And wise experienced gardeners are great friends to find. If you are near to farmers or others with horses you may be able to get some manure for next to nothing or just free.learn how to reproduce plants that you like and cultivate for low or no cost too. Im often picking up seeds etc in public places that would otherwise go to waste,though ensure you’re not breaking laws.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

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