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   May 25

Your Questions About Gardening

Richard asks…

How can I keep a super long garden hose from kinking up?

It is always getting knots and not flowing properly. How can I keep this from happening? It’s like 50 feet long or something.

GardenersCardiff answers:

The best way to get kinks in a hose to start is to use the back braking, hand crank rollers. They are the biggest waste of a landscape dollar. In all my years as a landscape contractor I had seen only two that were decent. Both were mounted over waste high and one was hand made. The other was on a swivel hinge. Both were set up to real the hose in straight and had no corners or things in the way. My recommendation is to first lay the hose out straight turn it where necessary to get any bends, kinks or Knots out. Leave in the hot sun for an hour or so. When it is time to roll the hose up start from the water bib (faucet) pull the hose in start making a circle coil on the ground with the hose. I like to make mine about 2 ft. Across. Keep pulling it in placing circle on top of circle. If you do it correctly you will find it is easier on your back, causes no kinking and is faster in the long run. When it comes time to use it again pick up a quarter to a third of the coil walk out in a straight line and lay it down or drop it and go back to get more if you are going around a corner. If you are not you can simply pull it with you. Avoid kinks as once established they tend to create a “memory” and re occur. Buying a hose that is more rubber like than plastic is better. Think of it as a tool and the better tool makes for better convenience. I have one hose I just leave stretched out to follow the bed line. It tucks in with the bed line so it is not obvious. That is in the front and is used for washing cars as well. Makes it lots easier. The little extra time pays off in the long run. I use no hose longer than 50 feet. If I need longer I use 25 ft. Or 15 ft. Extension hoses. I also use quick connects on everything.

Ruth asks…

I want to start growing a garden, any tips?

We live in Alberta, I am thinking it is too late to start growing this year, but I want to have everything prepared so I am ready to go next year. Any suggestions as to what grows good here? Any special things should do?
vegetables and flowers. Also would I have already needed to start pumpkins?

GardenersCardiff answers:

You could still plant many annuals from seed, for flowering this year. There are also biennials. Sown now, that would flower next.

Easy annuals include
– Night Scentred stock- wonderful evening fragrance, plant near to seats, windows etc.
– Calendula – bright Olde English Marigolds, in yellows/oranges
– Sunflowers, for early fall/autumn colour: now in a range of heights and flower colors. Http://

Foxgloves are easy from seed, and 1 packet will go a long way. Mixed colours, with blotchy patterned flowers. Sow now, for late spring blooms next year. Http://

Preparing the soil well will pay dividends, incorporate as much organic material as you can, such as home made compost, or fully rotted manure – you can usually get this bagged from Home Depot etc.

Plan your garden for maximum interest – varied colours, flowering times, heights and fragrance.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

Joseph asks…

Staying on International Drive Orlando, will it be easy to get to all park WITHOUT a car?

I have made plans to stay at the buena vista resort in Orlando which on international drive.
How easy will it be to get to all the theme parks??
Including, universal and mgm?
How about to golf courses and other excursions?

AND most importantly to malls and supermarkets?

Are taxis expensive?

Thanks in advance

GardenersCardiff answers:

It will be a lot easier if you had a renal car. Sure, there is public transportation and a lot of shuttles to disney from hotels.. However it sucks to have to rely on them. It’s a lot easier to have a car, come and go as you please and just drive around. Even if you wanted to go to Daytona Beach for example for a day or Tampa to go to Busch Gardens. It’s a lot easier w/ a car because you really drive and explore the city.

Have fun! :)

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