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   May 26

Your Questions About Gardening

Nancy asks…

Olive Garden did not pull Letterman Ads. More Right Wing Lies?

Apparently an actual spokesperson for Olive Garden, said the restaurant did not pull ads from David Letterman’s show schedule.
Rich Jeffers, from the Olive Garden, said the news item in the right wing Politico by Andy Barr, “is erroneous”.

So the Politico made up a source and claimed Olive Garden pulled their ads from Letterman. The Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebels said, “tell a lie big enough, and over and over again and it becomes truth.” Not this time….

GardenersCardiff answers:

Typical…many of those Conservatives are incredibly gullible.

Lisa asks…

So did Prince Charles lie when he told the world he was related to Dracula and has a muslim garden?

GardenersCardiff answers:

That realy exposes the religion behind the UK, total anti Semites because they claim the royal blood is devine, hahahahahahaha, teasing satan now

Daniel asks…

computer question, why can’t I see the picture on this site: ?? this is a site with a recipe for cute candy spiders to make for kids and i wanted to see the pic but I can’t is it my puter blocking it or is it the site blocking it, I get a red X and when I right click or ?? and click on show pic, it won’t come up, it just stops., how can I bring up the pic, do I have to change the settings on my security or ?? I want to see the picture :) 56 yr old puter dino thanks !~!

GardenersCardiff answers:

I uploaded the picture to this image hosting site:

Hopefully you can see it now.
It looks yummy!! :)

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