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   May 27

Your Questions About Gardening

Joseph asks…

Guinea pig fruit/ veggies and grass question?

I’m getting 2 male guinea pigs from a pet store (I know about these things please don’t discuss the pet store)
Some info on them and some questions:

They aren’t from the same litter, they are both around 1 month and they have lived together for 2 weeks and they have never fought (according to the pet store)
( I checked for marks, and there are none, no hair loss etc. ) so when I bring them home can I just put them in THIER cage? Or do I have to re- I troduce them or something? The cage is a 2 gridx5 grid c&c cage (28 inches wide and 70 inches long) and there is 2 of EVERYTHING! Two food bowls two water bottles and double the toys. (btw can i give my guinea pigs cardboard to chew EVERYDAY?! My gerbils do and i was just wondering that if giving them cardboard is safe)
But thier daily veggies will be fed in ONE plate, is this ok? Can a guinea pig cage for 2 males ever be too big? Cause I know that with gerbils if thier cage is too big, they will actually claim thier own territory and may fight. Is this the same with guinea pigs?

and they are not used to veggies and fruits. How do I introduce new veggies and fruits to them slowly, so they won’t have an upset tummy? I know veggies should be given daily and fruits weekly. (I already did my research)

One more question: is it necessary for guinea pigs to run in the grass? I saw on a video that your guinea pig should run on fresh grass for 4-6 hours a day? What the heck? I doubt that.

But anyway can I let my guinea pig run on my back lawn? A neighbors cat has gotten in to our backyard and pooped in it, and we rarely water it but it’s still green. And we haven’t cut it in a few months. Because of this I don’t want to let my guinea pigs run in this type of grass… Can I get a handfull of grass from my front yard the grass from the front has been sprayed with this chemical stuff, but that was 7 months ago and we haven’t cut it in 1 year, but mushrooms do grow in the grass sometimes.* I’m not sure of that’s safe or not

GardenersCardiff answers:

1) if they have lived together in the pet shop then no, u can just put them together in there cage, but if they haven’t u can still just put them in the same cage and see if they fight, babies don’t normal fight other babies. The veggies can be feed on 1 plate its ok, and none of my guinea pigs (14) have ever fought cuz the cage is to big its better for them to have a big cage

2) well i just gave them veggies i didn’t just give them a little bit i just gave it to them and they were fine

3) guinea pigs should go out and eat grass, i only leave mine for about 2-3 hours cuz i have an outside cage that cats can’t get into, ur gp can run as long as its in a cage cuz they are so hard to catch, and don’t give mushrooms to them

Mary asks…

If you are one of the advisers of the President how do you deal with illegal settlers in the Philippines?

Ok you are one of the President adviser on urban planning in the Philippines. How would you work out the plan for illegal settlers in Metro Manila? These people are literally growing or multiplying like mushroom in every cities in Metro. Manila. In 1977, one portion of the International Airport was ordered by Imelda Marcos to be covered by concrete fences in order to hide the squatters in that particular place so that every airplane coming down the tarmac would not get a glimpse of the sorry state of the country. Well our problem do not seem to go away, 25-30 years ago. And it keeps on coming. What do you think is the best solution for squatters in the Philippines?

For my own opinion, why not built more tenement buildings for these people instead of them making make shift housing on their own. Thereby making their municipality earn rent from these people, ok they maybe poor but obviously some of them can work in any manner they can and pay the housing rent. Not allow anymore new illegal settlers to come to the city, and thereby making every provinces where this people came from more progressive, it is obvious these people are concentrated in Metro Manila. What is your opinion?

GardenersCardiff answers:

To solve this problem, the government must deal with the issues of various types of illegal settlers. Some of them already earn some decent amount. They just stay that way because of the convenience of not paying monthly rentals. Some are professional squatters. Still there are those who despite of offers dont want to relocate due to lack of jobs in the new location. Others do not really earn enough and can’t send the whole family back to the province even if they want to.

These issues must be addressed. Ill recommend the following to the president:

1. Create more job opportunities in the provinces though i know it’s not as easy as it may sound.
2. Offering paid travel tickets for families who would like to go back to their home province plus some cash loan or a ‘kabuhayan’ package (maybe sponsored by private companies) so they can start a decent life in the province. They must sign certain terms and conditions that will prohibit them from going back to metro manila as illegal settlers again.
3. Low-cost housing programs for those who doesnt want to leave metro manila. Like in any gawad kalinga village, they must help build their home to significantly reduce the cost attributed to labor. Again, there should be a contract that will prohibit them from selling the property. Those who can afford to pay rent must be asked to do so.
4. Policy making that focuses on illegal settlement, most especially professional squatting. For instance, a sanction from access to any economic or medical help from the government for habitual offenders. Some illegal settlers had already been beneficiaries of housing programs in the past. They earn money from it by selling the unit then become illegal settlers again.
5. Simple ordinances that will move the job away from every part of the street into specific locations with more decent carts or structures. Some of them who work as street vendors make every part of the city their workplace and habitat. They will not leave because they earn without paying anything for their small business. If they cannot keep up with the local government ordinances, they’ll be forced to take the offer to go back to the province.

Charles asks…

Need help finding the right career, the right school, natural medicine.?

I’m a senior now in high school, and everyone asks me what I want to do with my life.
I thought college immediately, but what I realized what I would love to work in, there aren’t much colleges for it.

I love working with herbs and plants, my grandmother is this little old Mexican Indian lady who swore eating certain berries, aloe plant, and herbs would help cure a sickness or improve your liver or something. I grew up with those things, and even today I try to find natural cures for small ailments.
I don’t like like taking or using ‘normal’ medicines, I wouldn’t want to work with that.

I don’t know what kind of jobs I can do to work with creating natural medicines, or help prevent and heal the body with plants, herbs, and spirituality. I’ve also been interested in massaging, Taoism, and tai chi.

I don’t know if there are colleges, or places to train at for these things, or the costs.
I come from a low income family, I didn’t do wonderful in school, I can’t afford to move somewhere expensive for college for a long time.
If someone could help me find out a career or a a school, training.
It would be great.
I believe that the body can heal itself and you could use natural plants(and techniques) that were given to us by the land to cure and prevent illnesses and diseases, if that helps more.

I loved to read this book on herbs, on how to make teas out of glass pots and dried herbs you could later grind into powder.

Is it possible to open up a natural medicine store? I’d like to give people recommendations, for their problems, I once helped my dentist with her sleeping problems.
Could I open up my own business?
How long do you think it would take to have my own place or finish school.

I really need help in this, I really can’t see myself doing anything else, I like to hunt for mushrooms, and look for plants and herbs to eat and make teas out of.

Average Salary?

GardenersCardiff answers:

My training is a bit on the unusual side, but if I were to choose a school for alternative medicine, it would be the University of Maryland. They have an extensive complementary medical school, and it’s scientifically based. To me, that’s important.

I use my training to write. That’s where both of my talents are strongest. It is possible to work in several fields involving herbal medicine, but you need both the scientific knowledge and the knowledge of what you can legally say.

Length of time depends on the school you choose. With a university, it will take longer but you will have better credibility. Earnings depend on many things, including your background, training and desire.

I do encourage you to get many books and read many web sites. Look for those who use science as a base to begin with. Once you have the basics, it’s interesting to look at our own and other cultures. Pioneers rolled spider webs up and used them as aspirin…and as it had salicylic acid, it worked.

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