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   Jun 26

Your Questions About Gardening

William asks…

How did Adam and Eve live in Garden of Eden?

Did they lived in a nice beautiful building? Or cave or sleep on grass?

They were naked all the time? No belly button. No genitals before they ate the Tree of Knowledge good and evil?

Why God needs a woman for Adam? Was Eve going to have an easy child labor, no pain, just have babies?

Or did God knew Eve was going to eat the fruit eventually….???

GardenersCardiff answers:

Well if your god didn’t know she would eat the fruit eventually, what kind of god is “he”?? I mean “he” created everything and everyone (supposedly), so he made the serpent that had eve eat the apple, so it was all god’s fault.

Mythical creatures. Mythical beings. Mythical story. The end.

Sharon asks…

Best lining to use to transport plants from pot to pot?

I’m growing some plants, and I realize that one day they must leave their plastic Tupperware cribs and move onto larger pots. But that process sounds scary, and with my luck I would just screw the whole thing up. So, I’m asking what is the best lining to use to transport my plants from pot to pot? And if there is a choice I would like it to be biodegradable, you know? Easier to transplant, eh?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Newspaper works great for a liner. If you want to eventually plant them outside, you can buy pots made of peat moss at a home improvement or gardening center. I have also seen pots that are made of crushed paper pulp that are meant to be temporary, you just need to make sure you have something water proof underneath to protect your floor, furniture, or whatever they may currently be sitting upon.

Steven asks…

I have a horrible drain in my front garden – what should i use to cover it up?

I appreciate it still needs to be accessable and a plant pot is the obvious choice but has anyone got any alternative ideas?

GardenersCardiff answers:

In many garden catalogs and websites that sell outdoor ornamentals, I have seen fake boulders they are made of plastic and easy to remove. They are quite real looking.

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