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   Jul 22

Your Questions About Gardening

Donald asks…

How do I grow a flower and shrub garden, know nothing about gardening, help!?

Have a tiny 20″x20″ garden laid to lawn. From Asia, know nothing about gardening here.How do I grow a flower filled garden? I’ve heard that you need to prepare the garden in autumn/winter to have flowers in summer. Need advice from ABC please!

GardenersCardiff answers:

What you’re talking about is planting bulbs. If you plant flower bulbs in the fall, they weill bloom in the spring summer. But you can also plant seeds in the spring or even buy seedlings and plant those as well. This is a good website with tons of gardening information -

David asks…

How to get started with Patio Gardening ?

I am going start off with gardening at my patio. I live in a apartment (first floor) & I have a small patio. I wanna grow flower plants like Gerber daisies or Mini roses. I live in Denver. Any suggestions where to get started with? Which pots are good for those plants? Ideas on where I can get them?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Home depot is an excellent source and you can pick the pots or shelf boxes according to your taste. I prefer heavy plastic to pottery for durability.

Jenny asks…

how much water should I give when gardening a sunflower?

I’m gardening a sunflower for a science fair project
how much water should I give and how often?

GardenersCardiff answers:

It is good to let the pot dry out once in awhile. Sunflowers do not need a lot of moisture, but of course, they like some while blossoming. Just go easy on the watering.

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