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   Jul 23

Your Questions About Gardening

Donna asks…

While babysitting, should you play by the over protective parent’s rules or your own?

My grandfather is terribly ill with cancer and I guess his condition took a turn for the worst.
My sister had to fly out there last minute and she dropped her son off with me because I didn’t feel like going.
I hate being around sick people, plus he’s poor and I’m newly single and childless.
I tried to talk her into dropping her son off with his father but I guess she’s still mad at him for cheating on her.
Well, she’s super over protective of this kid. He doesn’t know what a joint or a water bong is, he’s never had beer and he still thought babies came from the stork and me, personally, I feel like when you rob a child of knowledge they could grow up and be stupid and/or boring.
So I’m stuck at home because she told me not to leave him alone so we’re watching some lame children’s movie and I’m drinking a beer and I offer him one because one beer never killed a person and if he’s going to drink I’d rather him drink under my roof instead of out with strangers.
I’d also like to add that she didn’t pay me for this, it was last minute and I had to cancel a couple of dates to watch this kid. I also didn’t invite them over and have sex with them while the kid was in the house and I wouldn’t let him have any of my weed so I was being a very good babysitter.
Well, anyways, the kid is drunk off of his ass talking about some stupid kids show or something and his cat Snuffles (whose name he must’ve mentioned forty million times). I’m also convinced he has one hell of a contact high and this was the first time he was even remotely fun in the whole visit.
So he starts asking me about how to drive a car (I have two beautiful Lexus’ in the garage courtesy of my ex-husband) and I tell him he’s drink so I can’t show him how because I wanted to be responsible.
So we went out for a walk (since I had the little one I made sure I had the rape whistle and pepper spray in my purse just to be safe) because I wanted to take him to one of these back roads because it’s not a freeway so it’s safer but cars still go about the same speed down it and I wanted to show him since I couldn’t take him out cruising on his own.
So we’re out there having a good time and cheering and I dared him to run out into the middle of the street just as a joke because I didn’t think he’d actually do it, and all of the sudden the kid darts out right in front of this car, which swerves around him and practically lays on the horn. Luckily he didn’t cry, he just laughed hysterically so I went and grabbed him and we went running back to the house.
At this point I was REALLY drunk and blacked out but I guess I had called my sister and told her.
So so catches a red-eye back and gets all mad at me and tells me I was being irresponsible.
Okay, I’ll admit I shouldn’t have dared him to run out into the street, but I was just kidding.
Anyways, the kid didn’t get hurt and I got the police and CPS to drop all charges.
So I just told her, if she’s going to drop her kid off at my house I will take care of him according to my rules and not to get mad at me for trying to make her child more fun.
I mean for god sakes, the kid is almost 11 years old and is over half way to the legal drinking age anyways.
I was doing her a favor but some people just don’t appreciate your good deeds.
I didn’t do anything wrong by trying to prepare the poor kid for life.

Oh, and then to top it off, I had forgotten to put her kid’s DVD back in the case and had left the sex tape of me, her ex-husband and a few of his old frat brothers that we made at his bachelor party before they even got married.
So now she’s acting like I’m a child ruining, house wrecking slut when SHE’S the one who had a baby super young with an older man.
She was rushing me so how was I supposed to remember to switch back out the DVD’s?
I’m not kidding guys.
You must live pretty boring lives if you think this is a joke.
I don’t appreciate it, I come here for answers, I want your input and you just call me an ugly troll?
You don’t even know me.
I’ve bedded more men than you’ll ever meet in your life, plus I’m thin so how can I be ugly?

GardenersCardiff answers:

My favorite color for a manicure is gun metal gray. Sometimes I like to get them done french manicure style with this color.

Nancy asks…

To say Marijuana growers are running “Drug Factories” is unfair! What do you think?

I’m tired of hearing that these unfortunate people who get arrested for growing some weed are charged with running a “drug factory”. They are growning a plant that used to grow in the wild until our goverment killed it off! They make it sound like they are making Crystal Meth or Crack!

Marijuana should be legal to grow for your own consumption…end of story! People going to prison for it is bullshit.
What do you think???

Nobody should make money growing weed! Grow legaly for personal consumption. If legal to grow then the market for it would dry up alot.
My point is that if I want to grow several plants in my home per year just to satisfy my own consumption needs, why should it be illegal? Alcohol is so much worse and has killed so many more people then weed, it’s not even funny!

I just posted this question to read what I already knew the weed bashers would write. Hey weed bashers, do you smoke cigarettes or drink? Be thankful that your disgusting habits make the goverment tones of money and are legal!

GardenersCardiff answers:

I think it should be legal.. But.. I live in Humboldt County and if weed were legal nobody would make money.

Helen asks…

Is it really bad to perform weed control during the summer?

My husband and I live in a townhouse community in northeast Florida. We have had a huge problem with weeds growing everywhere in our garden beds. We pay an association fee, and have a lawn maintenance company to take care of the yard. I was under the impression they were supposed to help control weeds, too.

Now, I’ve lived in various apartment complexes in this area for over five years, all with their own landscaping companies to do the lawn work. We’ve had to do a little bit of upkeep to the flower beds – pulling a couple weeds here and there, but never really a big issue. We’ve never had a problem pulling out one or two weeds on our way in the door to keep up with it, but now we seem to have a landscaping company that doesn’t do weeds.

For an idea of how out of hand the weeds have been, here are some photos:

The landscaping company has been employed by our association since early this year, and the weeds have been left to grow unchecked. Since then, we’ve only seen people weeding our yard twice – and I work from home, so it’s not like they sneak in while I’m out at work. (Unless they’re waiting for me to make a post office run and coming in to “weed” like ninjas…)

Out of concern, especially now that some of the weeds are starting to go to seed, my husband e-mailed our association manager to find out specifically how much weeding the lawn maintenance company is supposed to do, or if we should be controlling these weeds ourselves. The response he got was that they were supposed to weed “only so many times a month,” but the thing that confused me the most was when she said this:

“Generally they do not do as much weeding in the hot summer months because it tends to cause too much damage to the beds and grass.”

I grew up in Michigan, and my dad was into landscaping as a hobby. Many a summer I spent pulling weeds from the yard, so this concept of “damaging the beds and grass” is completely foreign to me.

Does anyone have any information that might back this up? When I look on Google, I can’t find anything that says it’s actually damaging to weed your garden during the summer.

Thanks! =)

GardenersCardiff answers:

I have no written backup, but that claim is nonsense. It’s an excuse for inferior service. Pulling weeds in summer is actually helpful because most weeds are in the middle of their growth during that time. If you wait until it gets cool, most of them are at the seeding stage and will gladly disperse when you pull them…and fill in the scars from where you weeded.

I would talk to your HOA about this and point out that the poor lawn service could affect property values. I also suggest taking the matter into your own hands, but some HOAs are very nasty about that sort of thing and will try to fine you if you do “unkosher” maintenance.

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