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   Apr 24

Your Questions About Gardening

Chris asks…

Help with vegetable gardening?

I have made a 12×4 raised garden bed and found the perfect sunny location for it. Within a couple of days I will put in and prepare the dirt. I live in Virginia and have nice, hot summers. We would love to have lots of peppers, maybe cherry tomatoes, parsley & oregano. I would love to hear some information on if these would go well together and maybe what other types of vegetables would grow well with these as well as the easiest to take care of. This is our first vegetable garden so the easiest is best. Also, should I be planting a particular flower plant with these to keep away bugs? Any help is appreciated…

GardenersCardiff answers:

I agree that those plants should grow well together and would add that you might like a bush cuccumber or two. Basil and thyme are also a good herbs and as a plus they’re a natural insect detterent. Nasturtiums are pretty, edible (leaves and flowers taste peppery and the seed pods are used as a substitute for capers), and certain bugs don’t like them. Lemonbalm is another good plant for this as well. One last suggestion would be lettuce. Its dead easy to start from seed, it grows fast and fills in the empty areas till your other plants can get bigger, and if you grow a salad bowl mix you’ll be eating tons of gourmet salads in no time. If you check around a little you can even find varieties that are slow to bolt (go to seed) in the heat which means you’ll have lettuce much longer. I like to make salads with a little of all of the above except the lemonbalm. Lemonbalm just smells fresh and wonderful and is good for tea.

Thomas asks…

Is there somewhere to buy resin material to make your stepping stones?

I want to make some garden statues and stepping stones like they sell at the garden stores. Most are made out of a polyresin. Where do I buy it and is it easy to use? Where can I find out more about this material and how to use it?

GardenersCardiff answers:

I use materials from Smooth On. They are very good. Used by Hollywood special Effects. They have mold materials and casting resins in many varieties

David asks…

how to make an easy grenade?

im doing a project and i need to make a grenade that blows up after you throw it (duhh) and it must be made out of household items that the commmoon person already has in their house. no like peter stuff for gardening just regular materials

GardenersCardiff answers:

Maybe you want to ask to Osama. A project for school? Where do you live?

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