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   Aug 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Maria asks…

What can I grow in my greenhouse?

Hi there, we have recently moved into a new house that has a greenhouse in the garden. I’ve always fancied growing my own vegetables / herbs / chilles etc and now is the perfect opportunity.

What realistically can I grow in my greenhouse. I love red chillies, jalapenos and all herbs, rosemary, basil etc.

Also me being a newbie to this, what are the easiest to grow?

Thanks in advance!
Thank you very much for the advice. I’ll grab myself a book I think.

GardenersCardiff answers:

I find my greenhouse is at its most useful in spring, when I’ve got lots of little seedling plants and cuttings growing on which can’t be planted out until the danger of frost has passed, in June. When they all get planted out, there’s a lot more room, and I can then give more room to my tomatoes. I also grow early strawberries (Mae, from Marshalls) in pots because in the warmth they fruit in May, as their name suggests. I grow most veg outside when possible, less trouble to water etc, but you could grow any semi-tropical plants that might not like the unreliable British summer, such as cucumbers, aubergines peppers and your favourite chillies etc. Most herbs would grow best outside as it would be too hot in a greenhouse and they need the fresh air, but you could certainly start off the tender ones, like basil, from seed early on and then move them out in June. In a greenhouse you’ll probably avoid some of the problems like tomato blight which affect outdoor plants, but in its place you’ll get pests such as red spider mites and aphids, which like the warm sheltered conditions.
There are lots of books on greenhouse growing – try the public library for ideas, or browse online.

William asks…

does anyone have tips on starting a vegetable patch in a small back yard?

i would like to start growing my own vegetables, however i have a small concrete back yard and would like advice on what containers to use and fast growing veg etc.


GardenersCardiff answers:

A GROW-BAG is great to get you started on Tomatoes.
And if you stack a few tyres up and fill with compost it is a good way to grow potatoes

Ken asks…

Where do you buy fruit and vegetable seeds in Texas?

I am wanting to start growing my own vegetables and possibly fruit this year. I live is north Texas and I was wondering where you can buy the seeds/best place to buy seeds.
Also, if any of you have a suggestion for a good book or source of information about growing vegetables and fruits in north Texas. Thank you!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Wal Marts, Lowes. Home Depot, garden centers and some hardware stores like Ace Hardware. They will have books too. Fruit trees can be found in garden centers. Tractor supply stores.


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