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   Apr 26

Your Questions About Gardening

George asks…

Gardening according to the phases of the moon, has anyone any experience?

I saw something about it on tv the other day and have read a little about it before.

Does anyone have any experience, does it make a difference or is it coincidence?

From my own experience, I find most things are reluctant to grow after June, when the days start getting shorter. I’ve never tried gardening by moon phases, I tend to go by the phases of the sun rather than the moon, but thought of trying it out this year just for fun.

GardenersCardiff answers:

I tried it a few years back – but you really do have to be quite methodical about it!
My main problem with it was that it wanted me to sow/grow/harvest etc. At times I wasn’t ready to!
The idea is that you should expect bigger & better, pest free crops if whatever you grow.
My mum also did it a few years back, she is retired and was able to fit her schedule around the suggested times etc. More easily than I could and she reckoned she did see a difference – not sure if that was just wishful thinking though!

Lisa asks…

How to get savvy with gardening?

Every time I buy a houseplant or look something up that’s related to any kind of gardening I get completely lost in all the terminology, latin names, etc.

I’d like to get better at gardening and growing things without having to get my degree in horticulture. Are there any sources (websites/books) for beginners who don’t understand all the “big words” ?

GardenersCardiff answers:

What I did was to go to the local library, and grab a large stack of books on gardening. Ones with pictures are more inspiring. Out of a stack of 10 or so, there would be at least a couple that seemed to “speak” to me. Reading was not over my head, good visuals, and I actually learned things, or at least got ideas.

It’s a great way to spend a winter, when there’s not much going on outside.

Linda asks…

Gardening vegetarians and vegans: what sort of fertilizer do you use?

I’m new to gardening and I’m using liquid seaweed for my tomatoes.

People at the gardening centers have been telling me I won’t get awesome tomatoes without using blood meal/bone meal.

Have you used seaweed? What do you use?
I would really love to be composting, but I live in a one-room apartment that’s smaller than my childhood bedroom. I’m trying to garden on my huge, south-facing windowsill. We’ll see how it goes.

GardenersCardiff answers:

I’m Vegan. I grow cabbages, peas, carrots, corn, tomatoes and butternut squash and I use NO fertillizer what so ever.

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Sinhalese and Tamil New Year