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   Sep 29

Your Questions About Gardening

Nancy asks…

Will growing my own tobacco be less harmful for me?

I know that smoking is bad. So please do not preach to me. I want you to respect my decision as I respect yours.

So, if I grow my own tobacco, and dry it to make my own cigarettes, will it be safer for me? It will not contain any harmful chemicals except for nicotine. Could I still get cancer? Will it make it less likely that I will get caner? scientific research and studies would be great.

GardenersCardiff answers:

You will STILL get cancer, Bubba.
When nicotine mixes with your saliva & enters your bloodstream, it increases your chances of getting mouth, tongue, gum, throat, lung or pancreatic cancer.
It can also interrupt blood flow to your penis resulting in diminished sex drive & cause erectile dysfunction or impotence. – but – I forgot – you already KNEW that! Right?

George asks…

Is it illegal to grow tobacco in the Republic Of Ireland?

My friend smokes and she doesnt really have the money so i was wondering is it illegal for her to grow her own tobacco
What about a liscence, do you need one to grow it legally?

GardenersCardiff answers:

NO,it isn’t!
Don’t be ridiculous.

Helen asks…

Is hydrogen peroxide naturally found in tobacco or is it added?

I am curious to learn if hydrogen peroxide is found naturally in tobacco or if it is added by tobacco producing companies. Also what other oxides are found in tobacco and are they found naturally in it or are they added? Will growing ones own tobacco eliminate these oxides which are the main causes of cancer, emphysema and other illnesses caused by cigarettes? Please don’t advise me to quit as I am already in the process of doing so and am just curious. Thanks for all the help.

GardenersCardiff answers:

It isn’t found naturally, and it isn’t added by tobacco companies. Burning the tobacco creates OH free radicals by homolytically breaking C-O bonds in the sugars and sugar polymers (cellulose, for example) that give the leaves their structure. Two OH radicals can combine to form hydrogen peroxide, but the real damage is caused by the OH radicals themselves – the danger of peroxide is that the O-O bond is easily cleaved to form two OH radicals which can do a lot of oxidative damage.

Growing your own baccy won’t change a thing. If you’re a cigarette smoker you might want to start rolling your own, though. Tobacco companies do add nitrates and nitrites to tobacco and to cigarette paper so that the cigarette burns evenly (and of course burns away without going out if you set it down, so you’ll have to light another one.) These are also carcinogens, which you won’t find in rolling tobacco or in retail cigarette papers.


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