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   Sep 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Mark asks…

What is the difference between the sims 2 and the sims 3?

I know the sims 3 is a lot better, but what else is different about it? Is there going to be a sims 3 pets or something like that?

GardenersCardiff answers:

When you make the people, you can choose muscle size, or no muscle, or how fat or skinny and the people can get much bigger on sims 3.
Designing the faces and such is easier with simpler choices but the option of have the bars come up again to choose it more precisely.
With clothes, they have it organized in shirts for example by design. Maybe T-shirts on top but they have the same shirt in many pre-made colors. Many options. Also, the option to pick your own color and to pick out designs and such.
Personality is more specific. You pick traits such as friendly, evil, loves outdoors, hates flirting, flirty, great kisser, insane, artistic, athletic, genius, charismatic, funny, family-oriented, neat, and many many more.
If you have a child in the game you pick out two traits at birth and one after each birthday if they have good grades and grew up well. If they didn’t the game picks for you. But there are cheats to change it to what you want.
Also, the traits affect how your sims acts and what goals they have. Say if your sim is neat, you can click on any spot in the house and along with the “go there” option there is a “clean house” option and after you clean the house that sim always wants to take a bath.
When you click on people there is a new option that shows up , “Special…” and if say your flirty, flirty will be an option and then more options such as give a great massage or something will be available no matter how close your sim is with that person.
The game has more town things. Library, book store, grocery store, theatre, office buildings for certain careers, town hall, restaurants, multiple parks, and more. In sims 3 you can get in a car you own and watch yourself drive to the town instead of the car driving off into no where and waiting for the next page to load in sims 2.
But my least favorite thing about sims 3 is that you can’t see inside the towns buildings, only inside the gym. Your sim just walks inside and you see a picture of their head in a circle above it and that’s it. If you try to look inside the building disappears.
There are many new furniture options and some things are gone such as hot tubs, pianos, and other things I haven’t noticed yet. But they can get guitar now.
A big difference is jobs. Many more job opportunity’s. If you work at the theatre, than you play guitar and can become a pop star. When you go to work, you get different options, such as work hard, slack off, meet coworkers, meet band members, meet medical staff, hold meeting, watch tv, talk around water fountain, suck up to boss, and more. Depending on what job you have you will have different options. And what you choose affects your job performance and promotions.
Also, with skills you don’t have the cleaning one anymore but you still have logic, mechanic, painting, guitar, charisma, cooking, fishing, gardening, and more. But unlike sims 2 you don’t go to skills and see a list of the ones available. When you go to skills you only see the ones you have gotten. So if your sims has only played chess, when you go to skills all you see is logic.
Sims 3 is all around better than any sims before it. But its so different you can’t name everything. But that is the jist of it.

I had the sims 2 and now I have the sims 3.

Laura asks…

What sides do you eat with pork ribs?

Hi good morning yahoo users, i was just wondering what type of side do you eat with pork ribs? Also what is a good seasoning and sauce to put on my ribs? Please do not recommend any cumin in the seasoning or alcohol/BBQ in the sauce. I would appreciate any answers thank you for your time.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Rice is always a great side with pork ribs! If you make your own, I would season it a bit with some butter or margarine, salt and pepper, garlic, soya sauce, and maybe a bit of plum sauce. Or, make a box of Rice-aroni, or a box of Uncle Ben’s rice (they have a lot of different kinds of pre-seasoned rice: it also comes in easy peasy microwavable pouches so that no boiling of water is needed.

Or, you could do potatoes, as they are super with pork ribs also. Mashed, boiled, baked, etc. Add some seasonings to them (your favorites), and maybe some grated cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, parmesean, etc.) over top of them when they are still warm so that it melts a little. Yum. :)

And a salad is always a nice additional side for something like pork-ribs … I’d go with something not too complicated like a basic garden salad or a coleslaw (store-bought or homemade, either would do). A salad is always something tasty, and you’ll get your vegetables that way also.

As for a sauce for the ribs: I’d make a basic sweet and sour sauce by stirring together some ketchup, soya sauce, a bit of oil (olive would be tastiest), some brown or white sugar, a bit of lemon or lime juice, garlic (fresh garlic is best for flavor, just mince it up), some finely diced onion (green onion would work as well) salt, pepper, and then some herbs or spices like: oregano or basil, cinnamon or nutmeg, mustard seed or rosemary, etc. For a little kick of heat, add a few drops of tabasco sauce, or Frank Red Hot sauce. You can get very creative with a sauce, and they are fun to make — just keep tasting as you go, and if you can, let the batch of sauce you make chill out in the fridge for at least an hour afterwards; the flavors will do what’s called ‘marry’ and the sauce will taste even better than it did beforehand. And, if you’ve made enough sauce to cook the ribs IN some of it, try it out. Your ribs will take on a lot of the flavor of the sauce, and it will help them to stay moist and ‘finger-licking good’.

Good luck, and enjoy the meal! Now I’M craving ribs. Lol. ;)

Steven asks…

What are the best investments when it comes to outdoor play toddler toys?

What are the things you have gotten for your toddlers for outdoors that they played with and lasted the longest?

BQ: At what age do you think a toddler would enjoy sidewalk chalk? I know they usually say ages 3+ on them and I also know that at 17 months Ari is probably too young to play with it safely (aka not try to eat it) but 3 seems a tad old.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Nth swing set — _loads_ of use out of ours

I nearly bought one of the wooden jobbies but went with a $200 metal one; very relieved about that. The wooden ones sold all over the place at Walmarts etc are (1) more than $200 (2) poor quality — the wood is very thin, they’re nothing at all like the playground-grade, thousands-of-dollars sets made with nice sturdy lumber. You want something that will last a good number of winters. The metal job is over a year old now and still looks new, and $200 was a “six station” thing with a glider, rings, regular swings and a baby swing, and a slide. We are a popular stop for all the tots on the block…

Second place is the sandbox. Also: a tot-friendly garden. Cucumbers, berries, easy-to-grow stuff they can graze on.

Go ahead with the sidewalk chalk; it’s totally non-toxic.

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