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   Apr 29

Your Questions About Gardening

Richard asks…

My english tasks LOL . . .?

Well,my english is so-so and i’m a foreigner. I’m not really sure with my answers. Please help me to answer these questions, it’s easy actually. You have to complete these sentences below :

1. Some people paint the walls of their living rooms. Others prefer to use w________________.
2. Most modern houses have c___________ h____________ instead of open fires.
3. A room under a house where you can live is called a b____________.
4. If you want to save time when cooking, then you should buy a m_____________ o____________.
5. The postman delivers letters through the l____________.
6. Smoke comes out of a c___________.
7. We don’t have curtains in the bedroom, we have b____________ instead.
8. My sister doesn’t live in a house, she lives in a very modern b____________ of f__________.
9. Doors made of glass which open out into the garden are called F_________ w_____________.
10. In Britain the money you borrow to buy a house is usually referred to as a m_____________.
11. A c____________ is a book or booklet which gives you a list of goods for sale plus their prices.
12. You keep a personal record of events in a d________.
13. The n__________ War and Peace was written by Leo Tolstoy.
14. When something goes wrong with your car, you can always try to repair it with the help of the car m____________.
15. If you’re not sure where to go on holiday, why don’t you get a holiday b____________ from your nearest travel agent?
16. If you don’t know a person’s telephone number, you can always look it up in the telephone d______________.
17. If you want to know what a word means, look it up in a d______________.
18. You can use a p_____________ b______________ to help make yourself understood when visiting a foreign country.
19. An e__________ is a book or group of books dealing with every branch of knowledge in alphabetical order.
20. Vogue is one of the most famous fashion m___________ in the world.


GardenersCardiff answers:

Central Heating
Microwave Oven
Block (of) Flats
French Windows
Phrase Book

James asks…

Which of the following best supports the author’s viewpoint regarding the value of herbal healers?

Herbal Healers

You may not realize it, but herbs are everywhere in your life. The mustard you put on your hot dog is made from an herb. Many of the items in your salad are herbs. Herbs add flavor to your food—basil can add a hint of mint to your cup of tea, ginger can make your food spicy, and dill can add the taste of pickles to any dish.

More than Flavorful
There are other uses for herbs besides adding extra flavor to your favorite foods. Because herbs are plants that are filled with vitamins and minerals, people have used them as medicine for centuries. Some scientists believe that herbs should be used in addition to any medication prescribed by professionals. Many agree that herbs are a natural, tangible way of bringing balance and health back to one who is sick.

People have used herbs for medicinal purposes dating as far back as 2700 BCE, when a Chinese herb book listed 365 plants and their uses. The Chinese Emperor Chi’en Nung named the book Pen Tsao. Ancient Egyptians also used herbs such as garlic and indigo as flu remedies. Even American Indians, Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas had sophisticated herb-based healing systems, though medicinal herbs in those times were usually mixed with forms of magic and superstition. As time has progressed, however, herbs have been put to scientific tests, and many have proven to possess remarkable curing powers.

Here is a sampling of herbs that are commonly used today for healing purposes.

Having a fresh aroma that resembles apples, this delicate herb is a favorite in many gardens. This popular beverage herb can calm nerves, relieve stomach distress, prevent or heal ulcers, and help fight infection.

This herb, a favorite among chefs around the world, is a root that grows in the form of a bulb. Each bulb contains cloves of garlic. Garlic is a strong, natural antibiotic. Before penicillin, it was often given to fight infections. It can also reduce cholesterol levels and help prevent the formation of blood clots that trigger heart attacks. Many call garlic the miracle herb because it has so many health benefits.

Slippery Elm Bark
Rich in nutrients and easy to digest, this sugary plant can even be made into food. Slippery elm bark can soothe sore throats and upset stomachs. It is often found in cough drops and throat lozenges.

Spearmint and Peppermint
Often popular flavors, these herbs can do more than add the flavor of mint to a cup of tea or piece of candy. Tests have proven that they can reduce the chance of indigestion or upset stomach if taken after eating a large meal.

Devil’s Claw
Though it has no odor, devil’s claw does have a bitter taste. Like garlic, this herb is a root. Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this herb in treating joint conditions, such as arthritis and small joint disease. Devil’s claw can also help those who suffer from lower backaches. It can even be applied topically to sores and other skin lesions.

Another herbal root, ginger is useful for the prevention and treatment of mild to moderate motion sickness or indigestion. In fact, researchers found that powdered ginger is more effective than many common motion sickness medications. Ginger can also help with the body’s circulation of blood.

Herbal Roots
Where did all of these herbs come from? Herbs originated from all different parts of the world. For example, popular herbs such as chives, gale, and juniper were first cultivated in Europe. Other herbs such as sage, lavender, and rosemary came from the Mediterranean region. Ginger, lemon grass, and lime herbs originated in Asia, and sesame came from Africa. America is even believed to be the origin of some herbs, such as oilseed, pumpkin, and chile.

In a recent study of 76 popular herbs, however, most had Asian origins. Many historians believe that this is due to China’s early use of herbs for medicinal purposes. Below is a map that demonstrates the number of herbs that came from different parts of the world based on the recent study.

Research before Remedy
Should herbs be used more often as forms of medicine? Not all herbs are beneficial, and it is important to study herbs before eating too many of them. In fact, some herbs, such as foxglove, will make you feel sick instead of help you feel better. But the use of herbs for medicinal purposes is growing, and it could not hurt to research the topic further and discover more about what can be one of Mother Nature’s more helpful contributions!

A. Many herbs possess remarkable curing powers.
B. Herbs are plants that are filled with vitamins and minerals.
C. Herbs can provide positive medicinal effects if used properly.

GardenersCardiff answers:

I would say the answer is a many herbs possess remarkable curing powers

though he mentions b this is more a fact than the gist of the article

Also he does not much cover using them properly

so the gist of the article seems to talk about some of these healing powers so that is the one I would chose

Ken asks…

Is this enough presents for my family on Christmas?

I believe that Christmas is a very spiritual holiday and should be celebrated with jesus in mind, which is why I don’t expect many gifts for Christmas, (though my parents spoil me anyway xD) but I really enjoy giving my family as much as I can, and I was wondering if you would be happy if you received what I got for them. I chose to use my own money this year, which wasn’t easy considering I am only 15 and can’t get a job yet. But I did earn the money I needed, and thanks in advance for your help with this question.
Mom-2 homemade embroidered pillows, a homemade makeup case, a catholic book about rediscovering faith(she will LOVE this!! :) ), 3 mary kay items that are on her wish list, a bath and body works candle in her favorite scent,a homemade picture frame with a picture of me and her, and for her stocking a homemade breast cancer magnet and a mini book about what I love about her.
Dad-personalized kindle cover, boston red sox toaster, cookbook incorporating his favorite show(diners drive-ins and dives)ove glove, amazon card($15), homemade picture frame, homemade magnet, homemade book why i love him.
For both mom and dad together a $25 olive garden gift card.
Brother- 1 year car magazine subscription, $15 i-tunes card, homemade magnet, video ame organizer (hangs on wall and holds 10 games, 2 controllers, and a xbox headset.)
And for everyone all together I made 2 ribbon christmas trees for a decoration next year.
Do you think that’s enough? Christmas is so stressful..

GardenersCardiff answers:

Wow thats a lot. Thats so kind of you! I think it’s enough :)

Good luck! :D

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12 Effective Herbal solutions For Lack of AppetiteSlippery Elm Bark 90 Capsule : Entertainment Zone