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   Oct 23

Your Questions About Gardening

Mandy asks…

What are the most potent types of weed if grown properly?

I’m going to grow my own weed. But i need to know which strain will get me the highest.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Depending on where you live it may be different, but most potent weed is not a specific strain, but rather the method used to grow it… Hydroponics produces a high thc concentration but can be expensive, your best bet is to grow your plants individually, with zero contact between them. Only females produce buds and the energy they use for defence, the thc, is heavily diverted to production of seeds if the plants are pollinated, so as long as you keep the females away from any males you wont have a problem… Once you harvest the bud make sure you dry it and cure it correctly, the drying and curing is without a doubt the most important process. Other factors such as light and darkness cycles, air purity, soil quality, and nutrients play a huge role in it as well.

If you follow the steps outline in a good guide youll end up with really good weed. You can also purchase special seeds but keep in mind there is no such thing as a specific strain, the names are givin by the growers, and one growers purple haze can be different than anothers purple haze… Also purple weed has no effect on its potentcy, you want the orange tricomes afterall

Robert asks…

Do you need a uv light when growing cannabis?

I live in amsterdam and want to start growing my own weed. do I need a uv light to grow weed or can you use any light. Any other tips would be helpful too. Thanks =]

GardenersCardiff answers:

Fluorescent grow lights are widely used for many kinds of indoor plants. But you may need more than just a grow light for cannabis. I live in LA and in winter I use a grow system to keep my weed grow.
The grow system I bought can be used for a long term. Check if you need.

Richard asks…

Why do conservatives say things are just entitlements, when I think they are rights?

I think healthcare is a right, not an entitlement. I think a living wage is a right, not an entitlement. I think vacation time is a right, not an entitlement. I think we should have the right to grow our own weed. I think we should have the right to marry the same sex. I think it is our right to get unemployment benefits if we get fired, it was our tax dollars that paid for it in the first place. It is our right to be payed overtime. Our ancestors fought for worker’s rights, and conservatives just want to throw them all away.

GardenersCardiff answers:

The Republicans see the whole purpose of government as being to concentrate wealth, to transfer wealth from taxpayers to corporations and the rich. So they oppose any programs that benefit the middle class and, especially, the poor. Anything that actually helps people, they call an ‘entitlement’, which is supposed to be a negative term. But in fact we ARE entitled to those things–Social Security and Medicare–because we pay specific taxes for them.

Social Security, in particular. SS has produced huge surpluses for most of its life. The Republicans have spent this money as quickly as it came in, to make their deficits look smaller. Now they don’t want to pay them back, so they can shovel even more taxpayer money to their friends in high places. Medicare hurts the profits of the big health insurance corporations, and they would rather these corporations make more money, even if it means a lot of people die because they can’t get insurance. Why should people be ENTITLED to something that keeps corporations from making profits?

You can really see this in the Paul Ryan plan. Rather than use Medicare funds to provide actual health care, he wanted to give seniors a voucher which would pay for PART of their health care. So we spend the same amount of money, but insurance companies get to skim 20-30% off the top in profits, advertising, and 8-figure executive salaries before anyone gets any actual health care. Corporations are ENTITLED to huge profits instead of people being ENTITLED to health care.

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