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   Oct 24

Your Questions About Gardening

Sharon asks…

What tips do you have for organic gardening?

I try to garden without any chemicals added. What tips do you have? Especially in regards to pest control?

GardenersCardiff answers:

I love the book Secrets of Companion planting. I’ve never used any chemicals, but thats probably why I spend at least a hour a day in my gardens pulling weeds. Composting is another great thing (and I have horses!)

Mandy asks…

gardening tips please starting a veggie garden?

i have sand where i live iam looking for some gardening tips to help with the process gonna get some good dirt but other then that haven’t had a garden garden before iam growing carrots tomatoes asparagus and i don’t know for the last one anyone have any ideas or helpful tips for a newbie please share thank you

GardenersCardiff answers:

Since you have so much sand where you live it would probably be best to create some raised beds for you vegetable garden. They don’t need to be very high, but at least six inches. Fill the beds with a mixture of potting soil and organic compost, this mixture can be anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 compost. You may also want to get some vegetable fertilizer or something called compost tea, ask at a local nursery which would be best for you.

Another tip is that wherever you are planting tomatoes you should also plant marigolds right alongside them to repel nematodes which will destroy your tomato plants roots. Also planting nasturtiums along the edges of a vegetable garden may help to deter whitefly.

Happy planting!

Jenny asks…

What are some good plants to put in a garden if you live in North Texas?

I wanted to know mainly what vegetables would be good to plant, but if you have an idea of what some good plants to plant in the front yard I don’t have a problem hearing about that to. And any gardening tips would be helpful. Thanks a million!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Texas A&M Horticulture Extension
Access information on lawn and garden topics, landscape
maintenance, growing fruit and vegetables, sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices

Home Vegetable, Fruit and Nut Production:
This site feature numerous fact sheets guides and other useful information on growing your own vegetables, fruits and nut crops. You’ll also find Extension recommedndations for selected varieities specifically adpated to your location.


Using you University Extension will always give you the most complete
information for gardening in your specific state and location.

Scroll down about half way and get the complete list of

Another good site
Bookmark for future useGood Luck!

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