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   Oct 25

Your Questions About Gardening

Maria asks…

how hard is it to grow veggies in planters?

I live in an apartment and I am toying with the idea of growing my own vegetables this year. What are good veggies to plant and that will thrive in planters on my little porch in CO?

GardenersCardiff answers:

For many things it’s not, although it would help to know if your porch gets full sun or is covered.
With enough sun it’s ideal for hot peppers, peppers, tomatoes, & great for many pricey herbs.
In those conditions I’d tend to look for things that I’d rather not pay for.
Have fun!

Steven asks…

Are Silk Milk and Silk Nog genetically modified? Are these vegetables not safe at all to eat?

Is a food’s being genetically modified that big a deal or a health concern? Do they do it so they can fill it full of pesticides and herbicides (that the plant supposedly resists) and if they do, does it make the plant more carcinogenic and unhealthy? What about the produce in stores? Is that genetically modified too?
If I grow my own vegetables (and maybe fruits), and someone sprays pesticide on all of it, isn’t it the equivalent of store bought foods or is it better because the sprayer knows what’s on it?

GardenersCardiff answers:

In America they probably are GMO. In europe they have to label GMO foods but not america.
Same with all foods in the greengrocers- they’ll all be umped up to make bigger food.

Growing your own will always be better because you can see what’s on it.

Think about it- the supermarkets need to make cheapest food possible, they could spray it with thirty things, why would they hold back? As long as the food grow as quick as possible and they have as few die from bugs as possible they would literally do anything, including people, to get that food right??
If you want to get scared read this

that;’s just after a quick search

Lizzie asks…

How do I plant my own vegetables if I live in an apartment?

I’m interested in growing my own fruits and vegetables. However, I live in a ground floor apartment with an open patio. I don’t want people tampering with my plants. What can I do? I thought about buying some sort of cage, is that possible? Are there any fruits and vegetables I can grow indoors?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Most vegetables these days can be grown in pots on your patio. Tomatos, Beans, Peppers, squash like Zucchini, just about anything, carrots, beets, lettuce. About the only thing you would possibly have a problem with would be corn and possibly some of the vining plants like cucumbers. With the vining plants like cucumbers, you could still use a pot but you would need some kind of a heavy trellis behind it in order to hold up the vines and vegetable when it grows but it can be done. You can also do fruits in pots like blueberries and strawberries. I would suggest going with like a Miracle Grow potting soil so that the plants have food and help keeping water in the pots.
If you get large pots try putting the foam peanuts at the bottom to help make them a little less hard to move if you need to move them. It won’t hurt the plants to have that at the bottom. Hope this helps you!!

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