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   Oct 29

Your Questions About Gardening

Ken asks…

What are the common tobbaco plant species and where can I buy seeds?

I would like to grow my own tobacco. I live in the right climate and have pretty good soil. Any tips on what seeds to use and the growing process?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Smoking is bad bbbbbbaaaaadddddd dont smoke, chew instead,
but i dont think you can buy tobbaco i think it is one of thoes illigal plants you cant buy because they make cigaretts.

Charles asks…

Why is a lack of regulation an argument against marijuana legalization?

I’ve heard this argument pop up from various pundits talking about Prop 19 – marijuana shouldn’t be legalized because the government cannot regulate the production of a naturally growing plant.

Many people grow their own tobacco and brew their own beer, why isn’t the same outrage expressed about these products?
Regardless if 20 or 200 people grow tobacco or brew beer, it is still possible. If marijuana was legalized and WeedMarts opened I’m sure the majority of people would rather cruise downtown to pick up an 8er than tend a garden of high maintenance plants for months before they bud
Laura – Someone shouldn’t have to move to a third world country to enjoy a joint in the privacy of their home.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Whatever can be argued for or against marijuana, can also be applied to alcohol.

In short, if one agrees with marijuana prohibition, yet doesn’t support alcohol prohibition, their argument lacks CONSISTENCY and is therefore ILLOGICAL.

Without CONSISTENCY there is no LOGIC.

Maria asks…

How can i learn how to roll cigars?

I grow my own tobacco and am interested in rolling my own cigars I see a bunch of videos but I’d rather have a book or maybe even a person show me in person how to what is the best way

GardenersCardiff answers:


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