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   Dec 29

Your Questions About Gardening

Steven asks…

What do weed trees look like?

I have a big problem in my back yard! All the trees that were beautiful and big keep dying, and a bunch of new ones keep growing on their own. I think the ones that are growing on their own are a result of weeds. Does anyone have any pictures that I can see to confirm these are bad trees and so I can cut them down? Or maybe you can offer some tips/suggestions?

GardenersCardiff answers:

“Weed Tree” are actual trees. There’s a picture in the first link.

The second link says they’re invasive and goes on to describe them and gives control recommendations.

Best to you !

Sandra asks…

Can I sell weed to the dispensary?

I have my medical card and I grow my own weed. Can I sell my extra weed to the dispensary??
I have my medical card. Do I HAVE to be a caregiver?
I have my medical card. Do I HAVE to be a caregiver?
I have my medical card. Do I HAVE to be a caregiver?

GardenersCardiff answers:

You have to be licensed by the state.

Mark asks…

How much can I grow in a 300sqm allotment?

I am new to growing my own and have decided to take on an allotment. The size of the large allotment is around 300sqm. The cost is £22 a month which sounds very cheap for the amount of land. How much could be grown on an allotment of this size and approximately how much would I save if I could grow all the fruit and veg needed for a year (if this is possible to do). I have never gardened or attempted to grow my own so not sure where to start. At the moment the allotment is just grass covered and needs a full clear out as it has not been used for over a year (private allotments run by the housing estate, not council).

GardenersCardiff answers:

A vast amount. You will have trouble getting it all into cultivation this year. I’d suggest you spray off the grass with glyphosate on half the area this year and borrow or rent a rotovator to get it turned over. Youll have lots of weed trouble this year but get opotatoes beans peas courgettes squash and so on in soon. Probably best to buy some of these as plants Potatoes beans and peas OK from seed. You also need to grow lettuce and rocket and herbs etc for salad. See if others can grow outside tomatoes where you are and ask neighbours for advice on what does well.

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