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   Jan 27

Your Questions About Gardening

Maria asks…

I want to start growing my own vegetables how do I go about this and what are the best veg to start with ?

My 4 year old won’t eat vegetables and both hubby and I love them, so we thought that we would grow our own with the help of ‘junior’. Any ideas folks?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Great idea! Kids love planting anything. Carrots, string beans and radishes are always fun to grow and are very easy. Buy tomato plants and any other vegetables which need a longer growing season. Cherry tomatoes are child-bite sized and they don’t require anything except sun, water and a little fertilizer. Plant a few pumpkin or squash seeds too. Even if your child won’t eat them he’ll have fun setting up a nice fall display. Don’t forget to plant some flowers, especially sunflowers. We still proudly display a picture of our grandson when he was four next to a GIANT sunflower. He’s almost 16 now and everyone loves it.

Get a vegetable gardening book from your library or go online for information. When you know what, WHEN and where you want to plant go to the garden center and get one of these: composted soil, peat moss or composted cow manure. To prepare a bed turn the soil over with a shovel. Add the “rich” soil and work it in well making sure to break up any clumps and removing rocks. Now take a rake and smooth it all over. Gather your seed packets and plants and share an afternoon of work, fun, satisfaction and making memories none of you will ever forget.

Chris asks…

What books do you recommend for beginning gardeners?

I’ve purchased my first house and I need to seed parts of the yard so that some of the grass will grow. Plus I want to grow my own vegetables. What books would be good for this city girl to read?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Stop by your public library and browse their gardening section. That way you can sample various books for free. Later you can buy one or two from a bookstore, once you decide the best one for you.
Probably look at the Ortho, Sunset or Home Depot ones for starting out. When you buy one, you probably want a more comprehensive one than those.

Donald asks…

If I want to start growing my own vegetables and fruits?

I want to grow my own stuff so we don’t waste money going to the grocery store. Where and how should I start?


GardenersCardiff answers:

Your question has various answers. I thought I would instead give you some gardening videos to watch. That will give you an idea of how to plant fruit trees, small fruits such as blueberries, potatoes etc. Good luck.


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