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   Jan 29

Your Questions About Gardening

Joseph asks…

What are you doing to prepare for the major ecomomic depression that may befall us?

Although we can prepare, there’s no guarantee anyone will be perfectly ready for such a thing, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

So far I’ve just started to invest in gold, I’ve started growing my own food and I’ve advised my family members to do so as well, I’ve also stocked up on canned foods, and I’m working on getting a passport.

GardenersCardiff answers:

As for the gold you are investing in… Read section 9006 in the new health care bill to take effect january 1 2012. It speaks of gold. Why would a health care bill talk about gold.

Richard asks…

Are Monsanto genetically modified foods better than the stuff humans ate before 1995?

Today, genetically modified food from Monsanto is about all we can get today. They tell us that we’re crazy to eat anything but GMO’s and are probably terrorists if we grow our own food, or go organic.

How did the human race manage to survive thousands of years without GMO’s and how are GMO’s better than the crappy natural stuff we had to eat in the old days?

GardenersCardiff answers:

You can water those plants with roundup and it doesn’t kill them. (genetic crossover note) the weeds that roundup (thanks to bees pollenating) used to kill are aquiring that resistence, too.

Steven asks…

Are there areas in California that are not suitable for a year-round vegetable garden?

I’m considering a move there and want to grow my own food. Obviously not the desert areas of Southern Cali or more eastward, but what about mid and north central?

GardenersCardiff answers:

California has an amazing range of microclimates. In general, the further south you are, the hotter it gets in the summer, and the warmer the winters are, but even around LA there’s snow in the Angeles Crest Mountains in the winter.

California’s central valley is one of the most productive agricultural areas of the country, but the towns and cities don’t have a lot to offer. The Sierra foothills east of Sacramento are a good bet–around Grass Valley, Auburn, and Nevada City. Further north, the summers are hotter, and the winters colder; you could grow food through the winter there, but you’d probably have to do it in hoop-houses or greenhouses. The trick there is to get seedlings for your winter vegetables–broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables–in the ground in late August, so the plants have time to size up before the short, cold days come. They have to have enough leaf area to continue growing when there’s not much light.

Elevation, aspect (the direction the lot faces), and proximity to the coast all influence local microclimates. If you’re in the hills, look for a lot in the middle of the slope–ridge tops and valley bottoms are colder than the middle of the slope. The ocean off California is cold, except around San Diego, and anywhere close to the coast the fog moves in at night and cools everything off. But the ocean also keeps things a little warmer in winter. Snow is rare on the coast south of Mendicino.

California is a great place to grow your own food. Good luck on your move!

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